NaviPartner is ready to go omnichannel in England and Spain

November 11, 2016
Map of Europe and two green arrows that peer from Denmark to England and Denmark to Spain

NaviPartner has signed a partnership agreement with the world’s biggest network of Microsoft Dynamics partners QBS Group, who will take NaviPartner’s omnichannel products to the English and Spanish markets.

Map of Europe and two green arrows that peer from Denmark to England and Denmark to Spain

It is NaviPartner’s ambition to offer complete omnichannel solutions for retail and entertainment businesses. This means that each NP product can be combined and become fully integrated solutions across physical stores, online stores, inventory control, accounting, statistics, ordering etc.

NaviPartner has a long history on the Danish market and many loyal and satisfied clients. These clients and their needs and challenges have inspired NaviPartner in their strong product innovation focus. The result is well-documented and tested omnichannel solutions.

A strong partner in terms of both sales and marketing

Now it is time to take the next step in order to make these products available to more clients in new markets. According to CEO Mark Stewart Pedersen from NaviPartner, this agreement with QBS Group is a great opportunity to enter the English and Spanish markets with new dealerships that will boost the sales of NaviPartner’s products.

Mark Stewart Pedersen

“Our new partnership will push our software solutions to market in whole new arenas, that we have not previously entered and we will be presented for new dealers and customers, we have not previously engaged with. QBS Group has a strong sales and marketing setup, which we will now become part of, and we expect it will be a very successful collaboration,” says Mark Stewart Pedersen.

Cloud-based software is popular internationally

Mark Stewart Pedersen says that retailers are now generally looking more internationally when they have to invest in a new business solution. “More and more retailers choose a cloud-based system, which does not require a technical server-setup. This means that our solutions have become relevant and accessible to customers all over the world. It is a development that QBS Group will help us leverage – if for instance a retailer in Spain talks to a local Dynamics NAV-partner about investing in a new solution, both the retailer and the Dynamics NAV-partner will be presented with our solutions via QBS group,” explains Mark Stewart Pedersen.

Altid opdateret lagerstatus

The Gift Card module is an example of how NP Ecommerce and NP Retail work across platforms as an integrated omnichannel solution. You can buy a gift card in the web store, and use it not only in the web store, but also in the physical store and vice versa. In this video, you will see an example of a gift card sold in the web store.

Three specialised omnichannel products for the new markets

On November 16, Mark Stewart Pedersen will be in Madrid presenting the solutions to the Spanish Microsoft Dynamics partners and next spring, he will go to London to present to the English partners.

The PoS system, NP Retail, is the mother ship. It is a solution for all types of stores that combines financial management, point-of-sale, bookkeeping, order management, inventory control, reports and statistics in one complete solution. The solution supports more than 250 payment methods, delivering payments across online, mobile, and in store.

The web store solution, NP Ecommerce, is based on Magento. NP Ecommerce seamlessly integrates into Dynamics NAV and is the backbone that ensures real-time integration between the ERP system, the physical store and the online store and makes sure the inventory is always up to date.

To complete the omnichannel offering, NaviPartner has also developed a third solution, the ticketing system, NP Entertainment, which is a suite of modules perfect for managing ticketing and memberships.

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