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New Chief Sales Officer and Chief Strategic Officer at NaviPartner

By 3. May 2019January 4th, 2021No Comments

NaviPartner has employed a new Chief Sales Officer, Michael Garver Burgaard, and Chief Strategic Officer, Niels Monsen. They will both help drive our customers’ businesses to new heights.

Newly employed Niels Monsen and Michael Garver Burgaard

Michael Garver Burgaard is our new Chief Sales Officer

From May 1, 2019, Michael Garver Burgaard joined the position as Chief Sales Officer. Michael has been familiar with NaviPartner’s business and history since its beginning. In his new position, he is responsible for engaging with new customers and creating new relationships to the business.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the FMCG and retail industry. With his great industry insight, Michael will be able to recommend the right implementations, adjustments, and workflows to new customers and create value for their business.

Niels Monsen as NaviPartner’s Chief Strategic Officer

Niels Beyer Monsen has occupied the position as Chief Strategic Officer from May 1, 2019. Niels has previously gained 10 years of experience at NaviPartner and is now returning to the business after 2 years as a Senior IT Process Manager.

With his great insight into the business, Niels is responsible for ensuring that NaviPartner’s strategic goals and processes are supported and reflected from a-z.