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New opportunities with tickets and memberships on Magento 2

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Our development team is putting the finishing touches on upgrading the online modules in NP Entertainment to Magento 2. With new and expanded functionalities, you get the opportunity to create even better online experiences as a museum or attraction.

Magento 2 for online ticketing

You already meet your visitors on your website when they research and possibly purchase online tickets. The usability and experience you offer your visitors influence the overall rating of your attraction or cultural institution. Therefore, the ticket sales opportunities are worth taking a closer look at if you want to increase the experience value and ensure returning visitors.

New functionality in NP Ticketing Online

The possibilities for online ticket sales are expanded with the new features in Magento 2. We dive into six of the most prominent features:

#1 Tickets sent by text message

Give your visitors the opportunity to receive their online ticket by text message as an addition to the pdf file sent by email. That way, your visitors can be sure to have their ticket at hand.

#2 Ticket sales displayed at multiple pages

Instead of selling tickets in one place on your web store, e.g. on a product overview, you now have the opportunity to highlight ticket sales on the front page or other subpages that you find relevant.

#3 Send one single email

When visitors purchase tickets online, they will receive one email with both order confirmation and tickets. This makes it easier for the visitor to have the information gathered in one place instead of several different emails.

#4 Add on

Regarding ticket sales, it is possible to add purchases to the ticket in the form of other items. These can be certain foods or souvenirs that the visitor can put in the basket along with the ticket.

#5 Countdown

When the user adds tickets to the basket, the tickets are reserved for x number of minutes with a countdown on the screen. The countdown follows them on the website and allows them to respond in a timely manner.

#6 More ticket types in the group ticket

Offer several different ticket types based on demographics or something similar. You can also customize family tickets or group tickets, where the visitor can specify details of the group members.

Flexible memberships on subscription

It is important that online ticket sales are easy and convenient to go to. It is equally important to give visitors flexibility when they want to buy memberships on your website. Today, most attractions and museums offer some form of membership to their visitors – it can be annual card, seasonal card, or membership card. No matter what type of membership you want to offer, NP Membership Online helps you handle the processes around members and membership cards.

With the upgrade of NP Membership Online on Magento 2 comes new features that make it easier for you to manage your memberships and ensure that your members get the most of their membership. NP Membership Online on Magento 2 gives you the opportunity to offer memberships on subscription and several different types of season tickets – e.g. silver, gold, and platinum – at the same time. In addition, members get the opportunity to add more people to their membership through their personal profiles.

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