New Wikipedia page for everything E-commerce related

July 30, 2016
An open book lying on the back and this one half of the book is a portable

Now European web stores get their own Wikipedia page collecting all knowledge about e-commerce related topics. The aim is to boost the European e-commerce through knowledge sharing.

An open book lying on the back and this one half of the book is a portable

Reliable and well-organized information

EcommerceWiki is a recently launched encyclopedia for everything e-commerce related. The founders of the site are Ecommerce Europe, an association representing 25,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe.

Despite a large amount of websites and blogs covering e-commerce trends and insights, Ecommerce Europe is of the opinion that a community with detailed, well-organized, and reliable “how-to” information does not exist. According to Ecommerce Europe, EcommerceWiki intends to provide the readers with structured and trustworthy knowledge about markets and e-commerce trends. The idea is also to give European e-commerce a boost through sharing valuable knowledge.

According to The Danish Association for E-commerce, European e-commerce has not yet reached its full potential due to a lack of knowledge regarding the European market as well as challenges when it comes to legislation and VAT. EcommerceWiki could turn out to be essential for overcoming some of these challenges.

EcommerceWiki is going to invite experts from all over the world to contribute. The site strives to gather basic, advanced and expert information for everybody who would like to expand their knowledge, from students and online retailers to digital experts.

Read more about Ecommerce Europe here
Read more about EcommerceWiki here

Has not reached its full potential yet

In an interview with The Danish Association for Ecommerce, Marlene Ten Ham from Ecommerce Europe states, that the full potential for European e-commerce has not been reached yet.

Only 43% of the European population shops online and only 16% of the SMEs are selling goods and/or services online. At the same time, only half of the SMEs (7.5%) are selling goods to foreign markets. In 2015, the growth in European e-commerce was at 13.3% while it is expected that the growth in 2016 only will be at 12%.