With NP Business Insight, decision-makers have the opportunity to gain insight into their attraction’s performance by visualizing data from Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft Power BI. Let’s go to Power BI and explore the performance of an attraction.

In this report, you see the total visits. Here it is possible to filter the data and see the visits from a certain period. Let’s have a look at the number of visits in August 2017. Here you see the total number of visits, the average visits per day, as well as Visits by Ticket Type. It is also possible to see the number of visits by Arrival Time and Week Day.

Apart from Total Visits, you can dig further into Ticket Sales. Here you see the number of tickets sold, tickets sold per day as well as the ticket revenue.
If you are interested in knowing more about your active memberships, you click on this tab. Here you have a quick overview of your future and past memberships. If your attraction offers different membership types, these will be shown in this view.

The filtering of different data in the report is almost endless and can give any decision-maker an overview of their performance in different aspects. For instance, you can get insight into: Tickets sold versus visits, General statistics, Membership transaction, or the attraction’s KPI’s

With this information, the attraction has the opportunity to make qualified decisions based on facts and make a true difference on their performance.

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