Take control of your performance with Power BI

NP Business Insight gives you the opportunity to gain insight into your company’s performance by visualizing your data from Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Power BI.

Make decisions that benefit the business

Today, retailers produce data continuously and in large amounts. A company’s performance is dependent on how well it is at monitoring, administrating and analyzing data. Without a proper insight and overview of the company’s data, it risk getting bypassed by its competitors. By synchronizing data from Dynamics NAV to Power BI companies gain a deep insight of their business from clear, visual dashboards. This insight gives the business, stores and colleagues the opportunity to make qualified decisions that benefit the overall business.

Learn how NP Business Insight can make a difference on your performance

Visualize data in Power BI

You get plenty of possibilities and functionalities with NP Business Insight and Power BI. One of the most prominent and valuable functionality is the set-up and data combination functionality. With Power BI you can create datasets and visualize them to provide an overview of the business in important decision-making processes.

Datasets – integrate data
With help from datasets in Power BI it is possible to import all sorts of data into the system. The created datasets can be utilized again and again to different data combinations and reports.

Reports – visualize the company’s performance
Power BI reports can visualize imported datasets in different kinds of charts, network navigators, maps etc. These charts and visualizations show the development and distribution for items sold, store performance etc. Additionally, the reports are interactive, meaning that it is possible to highlight a specific item or parameter and see how it affects the remaining charts in the report.

Dashboards – get an overview of key figures
Dashboards are the means to an overview of a company’s, stores’ or web store’s performance. Here it is possible to have an eye on the ongoing development of revenue or sales of specific items. By being on top of the development and performance the management minimize the risks when making decisions, that in the end can result in better numbers and profits.

Both reports and dashboard can easily be shared with others inside the company and thereby secure that your company as a whole makes the right business decisions based on facts.

Capitalize on the integration with Dynamics NAV

By integrating data from Dynamics NAV it is certain that the data combination and the overview in Power BI are based on the primary data of the company’s performance. Additionally, there is an ongoing synchronization from Dynamics NAV to Power BI, which makes sure, that dashboards and reports are up to date.

The value of the integration with Dynamics NAV is dependent on which data is fed into the ERP system. NaviPartner’s POS system and web store system synchronizes revenue etc. directly into Dynamics NAV and control stock and reporting at the same time. All this data in NP Business Insight will provide the company with ballast and security when making decisions that aim to transform and increase the productivity and bottom line.

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