With NP Business Insight, retailers have the opportunity to gain insight into their company’s performance by visualizing data from Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft Power BI. Let’s go to Power BI and explore the performance of a retailer with several stores.

In this report you see the overall Sales Amount. Here it is possible to filter the data and see the sales for a certain period. Let’s have a look at the sales of year 2017. Now we see the Sales Amount by date, time and week day as well as the total Sales Amount for year 2017.

Apart from Total Sales, you can dig further into the performance of the different stores. Here, every store is listed with Sales data. If you look on the map to the right, you see how the blue circles represent the Sales Amount of different shop locations. Let’s click on the biggest one. Now we see that Treat Bakery in Denmark has the largest Sales Amount compared to the other stores.

If you are interested in knowing the Sales Amount for different products, you click on “Sales by Item Group”. Let’s have a look at the quantity of watches and jewelry sold in year 2017. Now we see the total Sales Amount and Sales Quantity of the two item groups. And compared to last year we see more than a 600 percent increase in sales.

The filtering of different data in the report is almost endless and can give any retailer an overview of their performance in different aspects. For instance, you can get insight into: the company’s profit by period, the transactions in a chosen period, or the company’s KPI’s.

Now we already know a lot more about the retailer’s current and past performance. With this information, the company has the opportunity to make qualified decisions based on facts and make a true difference on their performance.

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