Product display

When the customer presses a product on a catalog page, the customer is taken to the product card.

Product information

Attributes on the product display

Give your customers quick access to product information by showing all the attributes of a product directly on the product display site.
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Extra tabs for product information

Add extra tabs with information about the products – e.g. extended descriptions, manuals or specifications.
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Live stock display

The stock shown on the website is always completely updated, which prevents customers from purchasing products that are out of stock.
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Differentiated price setting

Set prices based on the number of purchased products. For instance 1 for $10 and 3 for $20.
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Images and videos

Configurable products with images

Add images of your configurable product models in order to illustrate the customer’s options in the best manner.
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Zoom in on images

Automatically show a bigger version of the product image, when you either click the image or hover over it with your mouse.

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Youtube/Vimeo product videos

If you have videos about your products, you can display them on the product page, so your customers will see them when they visit the product page.
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Show next product

Add extra buttons to the product pages to show next and previous products.
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Display-only products

If you have products you do not wish to sell on your web store, you can show them as display-only.
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