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NP Retail 6.0 will be an app for Business Central

By 11. May 2020January 7th, 2021No Comments

The next version of the POS solution, NP Retail, will be an app that adds functionality to Business Central.

From C/AL to AL

The background for NP Retail becoming an app is the development that Business Central has undertaken. The last versions of Dynamics NAV and the first versions of Business Central included both the programming languages C/AL and AL. But in Business Central version 15, which was released in September 2019 C/AL was completely replaced by AL.

AL is the programming language that is used for manipulating data in a Dynamics 365 Business Central database, and controlling the execution of the various application objects, such as pages, reports, or code units. C/AL was a database-specific programming language used within the classic development environment for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and earlier versions of Business Central.

Business Central version 15 is the first version that does not include the classic development environment and from an application perspective, this means that all following versions of Business Central will be completely extension-based.

NP Retail is following the development of Business Central

NP Retail 6.0 will be a customization extension that adds functionality to Business Central. Following its release, all future development and modules for NP Retail will exclusively be in AL and in the app.

We support the success of all our customers

Many of our customers will need time to make the transition to the new extension-based version of NP Retail. To that end, we ensure that our customers have the time and confidence to upgrade when it is right for their business. Versions of NP Retail prior to version 6.0 will be supported with critical fixes until December 31, 2021.

POS on iPad and MacBook and mPOS

Want to explore NP Retail?

If you don’t already know our solutions you can download a trial of NP Retail and Business Central.