NP Loyalty – Boost your revenue with a customer club

With NP Loyalty you urge your customers to shop in your store as much as possible. You decide whether your customers earn a bonus or if they get the discount here and now.

Easy creation and control of discount and bonus

You type in the customer’s number when you set up members of your customer club. NP Loyalty automatically supplements with name and address with help from posts at TDC. You choose the discount the club member is receiving. You also decide whether or not they can save a bonus on several or only chosen groups of items.

Easy handling of customer cards and extra customer service

You can choose to connect NP Loyalty to a physical customer card. That makes it even easier to manage the customer club, as the system automatically look up the information in the member card-index when you scan the barcode on the customer card.
Every purchase made by the club member have registered automatically, which makes it easy to look up the card-index for information when the customer wants the same items as the last he or her purchased.

Possible to make bonuses to item groups or as a gift certificate.

You decide how the member can use the bonus; whether they can apply it to purchases in all item categories or only to be used for purchases of certain items. Additionally, the members can pay out their bonus as a gift certificate.

The club member can easily become receivers of your newsletter

From the member card-index in NP Loyalty you have the opportunity to assemble mailing groups to the send outs of your newsletters in an external system. It only requires that you ask for the customer’s email address when registering.

The benefits of NP Loyalty

  • Easy to create members
  • Control of discounts and bonuses
  • Can be connected to customer card
  • Remembers the purchase of the customer
  • Generates recipients to newsletters

Learn how NP Loyalty can make a difference for your company.