POS features in NP Retail

An abundance of POS system features that benefit your business.

Purchase and order management – make better deals

Overview of your purchases

Order new items to your store and follow their journey from the vendor to your sales floor.

Kept track of orders, transactions and vendors

Make the daily tasks easier by using a master order to combine purchases, transactions and orders.

Spend less time handling purchase orders

Add items from several suppliers in your purchase orders.

Inventory Control

See orders that are created, ordered, shipped and received. Set the number of items that must be in stock, so you are sure that you always have your bestsellers in stock.

Automatic replenishment

Set the level of replenishment of your products, so you are asked to replenish a product when the level you have set for reordering is reached in the store.

Get advantageous prices from your suppliers

Combine your purchase orders and get better prices from your suppliers.

Meet all customer inquiries

Add special orders directly to your purchase orders, so you can give your customers what they want.

Save time by making different product variations

Make different product variations such as size, color and material in an easy setup.

Sales tools that improve your revenue

Automatic campaigns

Set up planned campaigns to run automatically with a preset period and a discounted amount or a discount percentage.


Add discounts based on volume, product category, customer type, pricing rules and more.

Promote your bestsellers

Create custom buttons on your POS for your bestsellers and make payment quicker and more efficient.

VAT and taxes

Easily self-adjustable VAT and taxes using the store’s address or for each product.

Multiple payment options

Accept payment by cash, debit cards, foreign exchange, gift cards, loyalty cards or contactless payments.

Payment without wire and paper

Receive payments via a mobile terminal or via mobile payment solutions and send the invoice to costumers’ e-mail or print a receipt.

A system for your entire business

Perform account searches, update inventory status, create repair orders and check your daily sales reports.

Instant knowledge of your products

Search and see product cards with photo and notes and check availability without leaving your customer.

Customized user interface

The user interface in responsive design adapts to PCs, tablets, and smartphones. You can customise the graphical user interface.

Hardware as a standard package

We offer a package with standard hardware. Alternatively, you can tailor your own hardware package.

Financial Management - integrated with your finance system

State of the art Financial Management

Get an overview of all the elements of your business with an ERP solution in the cloud. With the integrated finance and inventory module you can manage your business more efficiently allowing you to focus on developing your business further. Dynamics 365 Business Central is optimized for all routines associated with accounts, budgets and postings.

Always access to your business

As the solution is in the cloud, you can always see updated data, whether you are in the office, in the shop or on the road.


Make your everyday life easier, so you can focus on making your business even stronger. Automate the processes around bookkeeping and save time as sales and VAT will be posted according to your preferences.

Automated financial transactions

Reduce time spent on importing and exporting data. NP Retail automatically posts sales data based according to your preferences. Forget about having to manually import and export data – the process takes place automatically, which frees you hours of work.

Save resources on bookkeeping

All transactions are automatically posted in Business Central, why you don’t need to use resources to enter data in an ERP system.

Automatic bookkeeping

Whether you have a single store or a chain of stores, the NP Retail solution is your solution. The solution is built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is considered to be the strongest financial system in the market. You avoid duplication of data and save time since all transactions will be posted automatically.

Everything is stored in one database

To connect your POS-system with your ERP means that all sales’ data such as income and VAT are recorded automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

Inventory management with barcodes, RFID and Mixed Reality

Always updated inventory

By using bar codes you can perform all inventory management processes using handheld scanners, and your staff always have updated access to your stock availability via POS.

Follow each product

Track an item serial number as it moves through the system, right from purchase order to sales invoice, repair order or transfer to virtual storage.

Inventory management with scanners or smartphones

You can use handheld scanners or smartphones for barcode scanning. Alternatively, you can use RFID scanners.

Boost your inventory management processes

With an RFID device, you can quickly scan the inventory and the store without having to scan every single barcode. Here you can locate a specific item or see how many jackets you have left. In this way, RFID technology helps you keep track of your store and your inventory level.

Optimize inventory management processes

Use Mixed Reality to ensure that all items are registered with the correct price and location. You can also check stock level and localize similar items. Learn more and watch a video about Mixed Reality»

Stock taking in less than 30 minutes

Stocktaking is usually associated with long hours and manual scanning or counting. With RFID, you can count all items in the warehouse and in your store in less than 30 minutes. Learn more and watch a video about RFID »

Loyality and coupons - improve customer retention

Reach your customers

Make customer profiles with contact information, product preferences and see the customer’s purchase history. Segment customers and use the available information to target offers to the segments.

Be welcoming

Make special offers, offer instalment and give your customers the opportunity to use their preferred payment method. It saves you and your colleagues time and gives customers a flexible experience that makes them come again.

Receive gift certificates

Build customer loyalty and make payment easier by selling and redeeming gift cards in all your stores and your shop.

Get success with your loyalty program

To make sure your customers are loyal to your loyalty program, the user experience should be your main focus.

Loyalty cards and coupons in the wallet app

Make access to loyalty card and coupons uncomplicated, points easy to convert to amounts, and remind members of their current point balance. With the Loyalty Wallet, it is possible for your customers to have their loyalty card and coupons with them at all times, as they are stored on their smartphone Wallet. From there, it is easy to access points and loyalty program. After buying an item or service, you can automatically send notifications with the updated point score. Learn more and watch a video about the wallet app»

In-depth reporting and analytics

Base your decisions on facts

Use the built-in tools to analyze sales and create targeted campaigns. With the integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central you are given access to reports and analysis, so you can make your decisions based on sales, revenues and earnings.

Analyze the stores’ sales performance

Get a clear overview of all your shops or zoom in on a specific area or one specific store. Built-in dashboards enable you to view sales statistics for any time period. You can quickly see changes over time in terms of sales, revenues, net earnings and much more.

Lead and inspire your employees through knowledge

Follow your employees’ development, their progress in terms of sales and analyze into detail data about their sales’ statistics. See where an extra mile is needed so that you and your employees can achieve your goal together.

Easily share information

Transfer graphs and charts from your dashboards and share them easily with your employees.

Be in control of demand

Have a clear idea of which items will be sold out. By means of the statistic’s panels, you can see which items and which stores sell the best as well as compare earnings to costs.

Gain an overview of your entire business

You can track trends, see previous year’s revenue and compare your goals with your results to gain a full overview of how your business is performing.

Overview with Business Intelligence

With BI, you can see if your business reaches the goals you have set, and where you can improve its profitability. Learn more and watch a video about Power BI.

Retail chains at home and abroad

Future-proof POS-system

Choose a solution that is future-proof, so you can expand with more stores or shops without having to switch to a new POS and accounting system.

Flexible solution

If there is a busy period ahead or you want to test a pop-up store, you can add more users to the system and remove them again when there is no need for them anymore.

Ready for future growth

You can easily add more stores or a web store to your solution if you at some point decide to expand your business.

See what is in stock in each individual store

Keep track of stock levels in all your stores and always get an updated access to detailed inventory and status information.

You can send, track and receive inventory transfers between stores. With labels that apply throughout the retail chain, goods transferred between stores without having to have new labels.

Easy return of goods

Allow your customers to an easy return of items in all your stores without having to use a lot of time and energy on tracking the initial sale.

Overview of all your stores

You can easily keep track of many different stores as sales data is posted for each store, no matter how many stores you have. Data is collected across locations, why you can analyze and organize your stores with regards to sales, average selling price and/or the number of customers.

Gift cards can be redeemed in all your stores – also online

You can issue gift cards both in physical locations and on your web store, which can be cashed in all your stores both online and offline.

Supports international retail chains

Be prepared for international growth – the solution can handle virtually all languages ​​and currencies. In addition, NP Retail integrates with 70 different payment terminals.

Ready for omnichannel

Integrate your sales channels

When your store’s ERP system interacts with your web store and vice versa, you save many hours as you only have to work in one system. If you do not have a product in the store, the customer can order it right to his/her door via your web store. If the customer wants to buy online and pick it up in your brick-and-mortar store, it is no problem as your sales channels are connected and integrated.

Integrate your systems

If your web store does not communicate with your brick-and-mortar store, you are much more vulnerable to human errors. There is a much greater likelihood that you’re doing double work and you will find it harder to get an overview of customers, inventory and sales data.

When on the contrary, you integrate your web store with your brick-and-mortar store, you will quickly find that you save precious time that can be used to create further growth.

Omnichannel is alpha and omega

Customers expect that they can use all devices across platforms. Offline and online channels are mixed and unified like never before.

Provide the same experience online as offline

Preserve and maintain a consistent brand across all channels whether it’s online or in the physical store.

Save time and effort

A centrally managed storage system helps you to keep track of inventory across all sales channels. Items are added and removed automatically, so you do not risk selling the same item twice or selling goods that are not in stock.

Get more loyal customers

Increased competition in retail means that you have to be extra flexible and accommodating to potential customers. It is good customer service when you offer them the opportunity to have contact with your business as well online as offline. Give customers the opportunity to use the channels they want when they want to do so.

Reach your customers where they are

With our omnichannel solution, you get the most effective way of reaching out to potential customers, whether they choose to just look around or buy in your physical store or in your online store. Learn more about the web store platform, NP Ecommerce.

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