Getting to know your customers

Give your customers the best service

Reach your customers

Make customer profiles with contact information, product preferences and see the customer’s purchase history. Segment customers and use the available information to target offers to the segments.

Promote your bestsellers

Create custom buttons on your POS for your bestsellers and make payment quicker and more efficient.

Be welcoming

Make special offers, offer instalment and give your customers the opportunity to use their preferred payment method. It saves you and your colleagues time and gives customers a flexible experience that makes them come again.

Receive gift certificates

Build customer loyalty and make payment easier by selling and redeeming gift cards in all your stores and your shop.


Go one step further

We are experts when it comes to integration between the POS, ERP and the shop. We have a wide range of integration options that make your store solution do its best, and make it attract and retain new customers.


Omnichannel is the alpha and omega

Your customers expect they can use all kinds of devices between all platforms when they shop with you or do research in your product range. Offline and online channels are mixed and are united as never seen before.

Give your customers a complete omnichannel experience

We have a strong focus on omnichannel, which is clearly seen in our products. With a solution from NaviPartner, you can give your customers a complete omnichannel experience.