Ready to grow

Add more stores, expand internationally or sell on the web and create an omnichannel experience.

Full scalable solution

Flexible solution

If there is a busy period ahead or you want to test a pop-up store, you can add more users to the system and remove them again when there is no need for them anymore.

Ready for future growth

You can easily add more stores or a web store to your solution if you at some point decide to expand your business.

Chain stores

See what is in stock in each individual store

Keep track of stock levels in all your stores and always get an updated access to detailed inventory and status information.

You can send, track and receive inventory transfers between stores. With labels that apply throughout the retail chain, goods transferred between stores without having to have new labels.

Gift cards can be redeemed in all your stores – also online

You can issue gift cards both in physical locations and on your web store, which can be cashed in all your stores both online and offline.

Easy return of goods

Allow your customers to an easy return of items in all your stores without having to use a lot of time and energy on tracking the initial sale.

Expand beyond national borders

Supports international retail chains

Be prepared for international growth – the solution can handle virtually all languages ​​and currencies. In addition, NP Retail integrates with 70 different payment terminals.

Expand with an online store and go omnichannel

Define your brand with modifiable templates

Create the essence of your store in an online universe where you can determine the colors, fonts, content, language, and how the payment process is to take place.

Make the most of your online presence

Communicate with your customers and increase your online presence by using the built-in modules such as blog, customer reviews and integration with social media.

Omnichannel experience

Reach your customers where they are

With our omnichannel solution, you get the most effective way of reaching out to potential customers, whether they choose to just look around or buy in your physical store or on your shop.

Give the customers in your store the same experience online as offline

Preserve and maintain a consistent brand across all channels whether it’s online or in the physical store.