Be prepared for omnichannel

POS system, web store and ERP system go hand in hand.

Take advantage of your opportunities

Assign an online identity for your store

As a retailer with a physical store nowadays, you need more than just the store’s physical location as an asset. What about all those consumers who never come across your physical store? With a web store you have the opportunity to target them all – even after closing time.

Integrate your sales channels

When your store’s ERP system interact with your web store and vice versa, you will save many hours when only working in one system. If you do not have a product in the store, the customer can order it right to his/her door via your web store. If the customer wants to buy online and pick it up in your brick-and-mortar store, it is no problem as long as your different channels are connected and integrated.

Integrate your systems

If your web store does not communicate with your brick-and-mortar store, you are much more vulnerable to human errors. There is a much greater likelihood that you’re doing double work and you will find it harder to get an overview of customers, inventory and sales data.

When on the contrary, you integrate your web store with your brick-and-mortar store, you will quickly find that you save precious time that can be used to create further growth.

What do you get out of offering an omnichannel experience?

You save time and effort

A centrally managed storage system helps you to keep track of inventory across all sales channels. Items are added and removed automatically, so you do not risk selling the same item twice or selling goods that are not in stock.

You get more loyal customers.

Increased competition in retail means that you have to be extra flexible and accommodating to potential customers. It is good customer service when you offer them the opportunity to have contact with your business as well online as offline. Give customers the opportunity to use the channels they want when they want to do so.

Make decisions based on facts

You get access to clear and summarized reports that give you a comprehensive insight into all your business activities online as well as offline. It saves you time and enables you to make decisions that are supported by accurate information.

Authentic customer relationships

Since you have access to customer data such as purchase history and online behavior, you have the best conditions to contact your customers with relevant offers that are consistent with their previous purchases and preferences. This makes for a better bottom line, while customers will feel that when they are contacted by you, the offers are relevant for them.

Omnichannel vs. Multi-channel


Omnichannel is about having a streamlined integration of all sales’ channels. It is an approach that allows retailers to effectively manage all aspects of their business, building a strong and consistent brand and increase customer loyalty. Customers expect that they can use all devices across platforms, and therefore the potential for omnichannel is large.


Multi-channel retailing is all about selling on different platforms. This approach has no similarities with integration of online, mobile and in-store financial and service systems. Like the multi-channel retailing is far from offering a consistent shopping experience for customers, unlike what omni-channel does.