In-depth reporting

Use the built-in tools to analyze sales and create targeted campaigns.

No need to live according to coincidences

Knowing instead of believing

Learn everything there is to know about your business. How many items you sell, what is your total sales in a given period, what is the average turnover in an hour, what is your net earnings in an hour etc.

Lead and inspire your employees through knowledge

Follow your employees’ development, their progress in terms of sales and analyze into detail data about their sales’ statistics. See where an extra mile is needed so that you and your employees can achieve our goal together.

Advanced reports through dashboards

Analyze the stores’ sales performance

Built-in dashboards enable you to view sales statistics for any time period. You can quickly see changes over time in terms of sales, revenues, net earnings and much more.

You have your business’ development and progress through any period of time right in front of you. And you decide how detailed the reports are to be.

Share information simply and easily

Transfer graphs and charts from your dashboards and share them easily with the rest of your employees.

Control of demand

Have a clear idea of which bestsellers are expected to be sold out and handle the demand through available statistics. By means of the statistic’s panels, you can see which products are best sellers and which stores sell the best just like you can see earnings to costs.

Clear overview of your business

Get a clear overview of all your shops or zoom in on a specific area or one specific store.