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Offer for NAV customers: Improved cash-flow and 60% discount

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Microsoft has an exclusive offer for you if you have an active enhancement plan for NAV or Business Central, which is up for renewal before July 2021. If you accept the offer you can improve your cash flow and get a 60% discount on new Business Central cloud licenses without losing your prepaid subscription fee.

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Are you planning to move your current Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-prem into the cloud? Then perhaps you should consider this offer from Microsoft which is available through June 30, 2021.

Improved cash-flow and a 60% discount

Do you plan to convert your on-prem licenses into cloud licenses, but are not yet ready to move into the cloud? Then Microsoft provides you with the opportunity to reap some of the benefits before you make the final decision and without losing your prepaid subscription.

If you have an active Enhancement Plan for Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-prem Microsoft offers you to transition to the Cloud Solution Provider program. As a consequence, your subscription fee will be divided into 12 monthly payments instead of one yearly lump. Thus you can improve your cash-flow and as an extra bonus get a 60% discount for your new cloud licenses.

Convert your licenses now and move to the cloud when you are ready

To ensure a smooth transition to the cloud you get the opportunity to test the solution and prepare your business for Business Central Cloud. Meanwhile, you can continue in your current Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-prem solution, and once you are ready you transition to the cloud version of Business Central.

Considerably more users at the same pricing

As a part of the transitioning to cloud licenses, you will be licensed for named users instead of concurrent users. This will probably create a need for more users and here you benefit from Microsoft’s 60% discount on new licenses. The offer gives you the opportunity to increase the number of users considerably without increasing your license payments.

If your need for users exceeds your current license lump, you can request free additional users. The conversion rate from concurrent users to your future named users has a maximum of 1:4.

The offer is available through June 30, 2021. After the initial 1-year agreement you can opt for two 1-year renewals.

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Want to learn more about the offer?

Contact us today for more information about you option for transitioning to the cloud with Business Central. We can help you transform your business.