Welcome to this video about gift cards in NP Retail. In this video, I review a scenario where a customer buys a gift card online for one of his good friends, which he subsequently goes down to a physical store and uses.

In the web store, the customer types in the recipient’s email, write a small message, puts the gift card in the shopping cart, goes to payment, and make an order. Then the order is pushed into Business Central, and it creates the gift card. Then the customer gets an email from Business Central with the gift card that he can print out and give to the person.

The recipient enters a physical store and finds a watch that he wants to buy. The clerk logs into the checkout system, scans the item, goes to payment, presses “Redeem Gift Voucher”, and then “Full Redeem”. The clerk scans the reference number on the gift card. The function thus allows you to issue a gift card online and immediately use it in the physical store.

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