A POS and inventory system in the cloud optimizes your business

With inventory management built into the POS solution, you are able to fully streamline the inventory processes.

Business Central Inventory Management

    Take advantage of your updated inventory level

    With automatic updating of your inventory level, you avoid selling an item online that has already been sold in the store


    Automate reordering of products

    Save time and set the level for reordering products, so that the requested items are always available in store and web store.


    Reduce inventory costs

    The warehouse management system helps you minimize the inventory level as it calculates which quantities of items to order


    Follow each product

    Track an item’s serial number as it moves through the system, right from purchase order to sales invoice, repair order, or transfer to virtual storage.

Always updated inventory

With a POS and inventory system built on top of the ERP solution, Business Central, you ensure that your stock is always up to date. When sales are completed in the store or in the web store, the inventory is updated automatically. This ensures that you do not sell the same product multiple times on different sales channels.

With a solid overview of your inventory, you gain insight into the most popular items as well as the items that accumulate in the warehouse. In this way, you can make strategic business decisions based on data.

Inventory Management System

Inventory information at your fingertips

When you rely on your inventory data, you can use this knowledge to offer an extra service in the store. The stock of specific products in certain colors and sizes can quickly be looked up at checkout, on an mPOS, or on the computer. The product can be identified by entering the item name, item number, or by scanning the barcode.

With an inventory management system in the cloud, you are guaranteed access to your storage data 24 hours a day in real-time. This means that your sales assistants always have the inventory at hand if a customer requests a specific price or item.

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Omnichannel inventory management

A retail company in control of its omnichannel inventory management has the best conditions in creating a seamless customer experience. Therefore, it is essential that you manage your inventory across online and offline channels. A strong omnichannel approach to inventory management ensures full transparency and overview of your warehouse in real-time.

Your customers should experience the stock information on your web store to be updated and accurate. This means that if an item is shown as in stock in a particular store, they can go there and get it – without going in vain and have a bad experience.

Boost your inventory management processes with RFID

With an RFID device, you can quickly scan the inventory and the store without having to scan every single barcode. Here you can locate a specific item or see how many jackets you have left.

Additionally, you avoid many hours of manual work when counting your inventory. With RFID you can count your stock in less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is walk around the store and the backroom to get the items registered. In this way, RFID technology helps you keep track of your store and your inventory level.

Optimize inventory control with Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a tool that transforms the way you serve customers and handle inventory control. The technology makes it possible to display text and graphics on top of live images whenever a barcode is scanned.

Using Mixed Reality, you ensure that all items are registered with the correct price and location. You can scan multiple barcodes at once, and you can check the inventory of a specific item or locate similar products.

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