Power BI: Your key data is only one click away

February 24, 2016
Screenshot of Dynamics NAV

Retailers today generates a huge amount of data. Those with Microsoft Dynamics NAV can use the integration to the business intelligence solution Power BI to gain insight from your data.

Tools for thorough data analysis

You can define Business Intelligence as the application of data for strategic planning and decision-making in order to improve company profitability and competitiveness. Power BI is a cloud-based solution compatible with Excel and integrated into Office 365. Gain insight from your Dynamics NAV data.

You can pull data from Dynamics NAV into Power BI if you wish to carry out a thorough data analysis. Microsoft’s Power BI gives you a series of analysis tools capable of analyzing a large amount of data. Afterwards, you can share your analysis and results with your colleagues. The data is accessible on all devices and platforms and the data is always fully updated.

The different business intelligence tools compatible with Excel includes:

  • Power Query – import and transform data from various sources. Also publicly accessible data from sites such as Wikipedia.
  • PowerPivot – Use the imported data to create KPIs to allow benchmarking, or create calculations and prepare the core metrics that you want to use in your analysis.
  • Power View – A tool for presentations where you can display your results interactively.
  • Power Map – A mapping tool to show your data from a geographical perspective.

You can share the results with your colleagues through Power BI afterwards.

Diagrams and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Diagrams and KPIs give you a concise view of your business and equips you and your employees to spot future trends in the most effective way.

Visualize your data with the built-in diagrams and graphs in Dynamics NAV. You choose which data you want to visualize and you can analyze the data down to the last detail. You can access the diagrams and graphs in Windows, web and on a tablet. For instance, you can choose which data you want to have displayed on your dashboard. This could be a comparison of last year’s sales versus current year of sales, which store is the top-seller and who are your best sales representatives.

The management can use the tools to explore and visualize data to obtain knowledge about profit and expenses. Sales can visualize potential consequences of their decisions in the sales process.

Screenshot of Dynamics NAV

Ad-hoc queries and analysis

It requires intelligent analytics tools to gain insight into using the information proactively to strengthen your business, spot negative trends and exploit positive trends.

Power BI is a tool to utilize all the information you receive in the most efficient and user-friendly manner. With the Dynamics NAV integration to Office 365, you also do not have to navigate in different systems.

Screenshot of Dynamics NAV

Management can monitor and measure the company in general or specific department’s profits and expenses. Bookkeeping can always be up to date on the businesses KPIs and previous results. Sales can easily create product sheets that pull current pricing and specifications and instantly update and release important changes.

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