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Here you can see the monthly subscription fees for online stores.



Simple is good
Includes all the basics for starting a brand new e-commerce platform.

  •  Hosting of web store
  •  Free update of application
  •  Regularly updated selection of add-on modules
  •  Option to add basic modules
  •  Option to add basic design templates
  •  Unlimited number of admin accounts.



Grow your business like a pro
Everything you need for a growing e-commerce business.

  •  Hosting of web store
  •  Free update of application
  •  Regularly updated selection of add-on modules
  •  Option to add basic and pro modules
  •  Option to add basic and pro design templates
  •  Unlimited number of admin accounts
  •  Option to add B2B solution.



Experience digital transformation
Advanced features for scaling your online business.

  •  Hosting of web store
  •  Free update of application
  •  Regularly updated selection of add-on modules
  •  Option to add basic, pro and premium modules
  •  Option to add basic and
    pro design templates or a unique design
  •  Unlimited number of admin accounts
  •  Option to add B2B solution.



The sky is the limit
Customize the e-commerce platform and make it your own.

  •  Hosting of web store
  •  Option to customize standard features
  •  Regularly updated selection of add-on modules
  •  Option to add basic, pro, premium and enterprise modules
  •  Option to add basic and
    pro design templates or a unique design
  •  Unlimited number of admin accounts
  •  Option to add B2B solution.

Standard features and add-ons

Standard features

Our NaviPartner ecommerce solution is powered by Magento 2 – the world’s leading ecommerce platform. The solution provides a seamless and good shopping experience for visitors. Our in-house customizations have taken Magento 2 to the next level with powerful new features, that will provide you with rich business tools to help your enterprise grow. Have a look at the features we offer.

Content Management


Make configurations to your site.

Static blocks

Create content and display on the site.


Place distinct types of content on sites.


Select a responsive design option.

Image Carousel

Make your visitors curious with images.

Maintenance mode

Make the site offline if you need to.


Layered Navigation

Filter category pages with products attributes to a more refined list.

Hide Empty Category

Automatically hide empty categories from the site if it runs out of products.


Account creation

Get your customers registered on your site with a one-page form.

Product Sharing

Increase the reach of your products by using social network sharing features.


Send multiple emails like order information or order processed.

Newsletter Subscription

Make regular email campaigns to make your customers engaged in your brand.

Cart and Checkout


Set promotional prices or coupons for specific stores or products.


How long will it take a customer’s order to be brought home?


Use our secure payment method in the checkout process.


Offer a giftwrapping option in the cart or at the checkout.


Multiple Images

Assign product images to your products to better showcase the unique features.


You have the option to add a zoom on the product images.


You can replace the product image with a video for greater visual effect.

Wish list

Allow your customers to save items they wish to buy later on a wish list.

Display Only

Exhibit an upcoming product that cannot be added to cart.

Ratings and Review

Customers can give feedback through comments or give star ratings.


Giving brands to your products makes them available on other product lists.


Compare product information with a comparison button.



Inform search engines where to crawl the website to know about the content.


Add high-value keywords in both the meta title and meta description.


Take full control of the URLs by setting links for each page or product.

Structured Data

Send explicit information to search engines about the type of content.

Add-ons – Basic, Pro, Premium og Enterprise.


Facebook pixel

Measure the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising by understanding the actions people take on your store.

Google Tag Manager

Track your visitor’s behaviour on your online store. Collect as much information to make data-driven decisions.


Automate emails based on your customer data. Collect feedback after a purchase or make personalized product suggestions.

Cart and checkout

One page checkout

Create a one-step page checkout with minimum options for a fast checkout.

ViaBill price tag

Let your customers try the products for 30 days before completing their payments.


Offer payments with credit cards or mobile payments with QuickPay.

GLS Shipping

Send your packages to customers in a comfortable and secure manner with GLS.


Infinite scroll

Remove the limits of pagination on category pages to give the customers a view of infinite scroll.

Smart Menu

Take control over the main menu by adding custom links at selected positions or by adding menu items.


Advanced Stock Status

Manage the stock status on products with custom messages.

Improved SEO options

Our custom SEO module makes your content more visible to search engines.


SSL Certificate

Add an SSL certificate to your URL and get https to your domain.

Add-ons – Pro, Premium og Enterprise.


Pro B2B

Are you running a B2B online business? Utilize the many e-commerce features specified for B2B sales. Learn more about B2B web stores here.


Instagram Feed

Link to your Instagram account and let your visitors go through your pictures and videos without leaving the site.

Social Login

Give your customers the opportunity to login your site via their social networking accounts like Facebook, Google etc.


Harness the power of peer reviews so future customers can buy your products with confidence.

Product Feeds

Create product feeds for shopping engines like Google Shopping to attract more customers and drive sales into your store.

Email Attachments

Increase the potential of transactional emails by adding attached files when dispatching them.


Create a blog right inside your Magento store. Write attractive stories, reviews or mention new products as blog posts.


Custom CSS

Take control of the site’s styling and add the CSS code directly in the admin area with the CSS Editor interface.


Advanced Search

Autocomplete text in the search bar and show product previews when typing.

Product Badges

Display a badge on top of the product images and attract attention.


Use eye-catching popup boxes to promote products or inform of special features.

Smart Product Lists

Build enhanced product catalogs from predefined criteria to group products.


Cloudflare Free

Improve page speed and security with Cloudflare and get better search engine rankings.

Cloudflare Pro

Upgrade to Cloudflare Pro to increase the performance and security options even more by using Firewall features etc.

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