Project “Madeira” – a new business solution for SMBs

May 17, 2016
Screenshot of front of NAV on computer, tablet and smartphone screen

Project “Madeira” connects the tools in Office 365 with business procedures. The result is increased productivity and helps companies to increase sales, manage financials and streamline operations.

Work directly in Outlook

Project “Madeira” is a cloud service hosted on Azure and based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution will be accessible in Outlook, which means your business solution is integrated into your mail program. The solution includes capabilities such as financials, sales and purchase management, inventory, CRM (opportunity management), multi-currency, and business insight. You can also expand the solution with additional apps.

Since NaviPartner’s POS solution, NP Retail, is 100% cloud-based, NP Retail is going to work with Project “Madeira” from day 1. The expected release of Project “Madeira” in the US is around autumn and later in other countries.

Exciting visual features

Microsoft has published a few images showing Project “Madeira’s” new features. One of those exciting visual features is the way your products are shown. You have the option to display your products either as small or large icons or as a list.

Screenshot of Madeira
Screenshot of Madeira
Screenshot of Madeira

The foundation stones of Project “Madeira” are those four elements all new Microsoft products and services consist of: 

#1 Productivity

Since Project “Madeira” is embedded in Outlook, you only work in one system. That reduces time wasted on switching between different systems. It also automatically identifies invoices in Outlook and all the tools in Office 365 is accessible as well.

If you are a user of the Office package already you will find “Madeira” easy to use.
See how simple it is to create and send invoices to a customer in Outlook in the video below.

White screen

#2 Cloud first

Project “Madeira” is a cloud service running on Microsoft Azure, a worldwide network of data centres, with top class data security and speed. You are also able to scale the solution up or down depending on your needs while you pay for your usage. This means, that small and medium-sized companies can get up and running fast while keeping costs down.

#3 Mobile first

Microsoft has emphasized the importance of developing a mobile-friendly product. The importance of mobile devices in today’s business is increasingly growing and more and more employees are handling work-related tasks directly on their phone. It is therefore not surprising that Project “Madeira” is very user-friendly for the mobile workforce to use. You can use Project “Madeira” on nearly all devices – it supports the platforms Windows, iOS and Android.

With Madeira as an app, you can access all your business data, use features such as sending to excel or to Office 365, look up updated sales lists, key performance indicators and invoices.

Screenshot of front of NAV on computer, tablet and smartphone screen

#4 Built for growth

The service includes tools and functions for Financial management, aSles and Purchase management, Inventory, CRM, Business Intelligence and Multicurrency. These are all the tools needed for small and medium-sized companies who are experiencing growth.

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