Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

January 11, 2016

It is time again for Valentine’s Day on February 14. We will take a closer look at the promotion options retailers can use in order to get the best out of the day.

Promotion starts early

Florist’s shops are the ones who benefit the most from Valentine’s Day. In America, it is the most profitable day for florists with an estimated spending of $2.1 billion. Approximately 37.8 percent of Americans bought flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2015. Florist’s shops are promoting the day early, but big international retailers like Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters are also starting their promotion efforts around January 20 in the previous years. This tendency might occur again this year.

Targeted gift ideas

The revival of newsletters can be used in a creative way to promote gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Back in 2013, Nordstrom created a campaign targeted towards their men’s wear customers and 10 days before Valentine’s Day, they promoted gift ideas for their chosen ones. The offerings were products like lingerie, jewellery, perfume and dresses. A good idea to inspire their male shoppers to buy, and the idea is relatively cheap and can potentially increase revenue in the post-holiday period.

In general, web stores uses the “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” a lot when Valentine’s Day is approaching, to inspire customers and make it easier for them to decide on their gift-shopping. For both brick-and-mortar stores as well as web stores, Facebook and Instagram are adequate channels to use to visualize the gift ideas in an inspiring way. As the young generation is eager to celebrate Valentine’s, social media channels are obvious to utilize right up to February 14.

Use hashtags for your campaign

Run a campaign across social media channels where your followers can interact and participate. Use a hashtag so users on both Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be involved. Reward the followers with a prize, and encourage them to use the hashtag alongside their best Valentine’s memory, best gift or reward the best Valentine’s Day picture. This can create great user participation and it is easy to measure the effect.

In 2014, Heineken made a campaign targeted towards the men. The campaign went viral instantly. Heineken decided to reward the men who were willing to show their sensitive side on social media. The campaign was called Date In A Box, and the men could win the content of the red box if they declared their love public and used the hashtag “dateinabox. Inside the box was a prearranged date like a dinner or a dance lesson. The campaign was a big success and the video below was used to kick-start it all:

Reward your customers

Since giving gifts is a central part of Valentine’s you can join in by offering something you typically do not offer. Free shipping in the weeks or days up to Valentine’s Day could be an option. Free shipping is a central part of buying online, and according to research conducted by Mintel, free shipping is one of the things that drives online buyers. Gift-wrapping is another good idea to offer, and if you are using a Magento web stores this can easily be implemented in the checkout phase. Discount on products is also a possibility that can help drive sales.

Provide your customers with gift ideas

At last, in Magento, you can create smart product lists based on criteria of your choosing. This could, for instance, be a list of red products for a Valentine’s campaign.

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