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Reliable hosting services in line with the best international standards

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As an IT supplier and business partner, customer safety is our first priority. As a proof of our work on safety and operation, NaviPartner has achieved a number of certifications targeted quality and safety initiatives that affect you as a customer.

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Auditor Assurance Report complying with legal requirements and good IT practice

NaviPartner acts in accordance with the international and Danish standard of auditing, ISAE 3402 type 2.  It is a professional validation documenting and guaranteeing that we control our operations, security and business practices.

The international certification involves testing the controls that we state in our Auditor Assurance Report. These tests are conducted annually by an independent state-authorized accountant. The auditor reviews our underlying business procedures, including recovery from backup, registration, logging, physical security, etc. When reviewing our data center, the auditor checks for security measures in regards to monitoring, fire protection, water, power failure, access security, and backup.

NaviPartner’s ISAE 3402 Type 2 certification guarantees that all processes are handled in accordance with this standard. For you, it means that you and your accounting department can be sure that we comply with legal requirements both in Denmark and internationally.

You can see the latest Auditor Assurance Report here »

Certified operation and quality of POS system in accordance to French standards

NaviPartner’s POS system, NP Retail, has recently been certified with the French certificate NF 525.

The NF 525 is a certification mark that serves as a guarantee of the quality and safety of the POS system.

The French established standard takes all the legal requirements of the POS solution into account. In order to obtain an NF certificate, NaviPartner has proven the quality of the solution and guaranteed reliability of operations, archiving and security. The requirements of the NF 525 certification were also verified by an independent third party.

The requirements of an NF 525 certificate mainly concern:

  • Quality assurance of product, documentation, testing, and validation of functions
  • Identification of data collection and storage process
  • Compliance with legal obligations in accordance with French legislation
  • Proof of compliance with system life and development.
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