Discover our brand new feature: remote widgets!

We give you the possibility to put your ticket products for sale directly inside your main website or any website you want!

Navipartner is proud to present our latest addition to our web entertainment package, with remote widgets you can get your users to reserve your tickets on your main shop. To complete the sale, the users will be directed to our one-step checkout page on our hosted web solutions. What happens next? Once the checkout is successful, we automatically resend your user back to original website they came from – this way, your user can continue browsing your main shop.

That’s cool! But..we have members?

Want to have your ticket purchases registered for a member? We got you covered! We can enable remote login, exactly like we provide you with remote ticket widget. Your members can sign-in directly into your main website before purchasing the ticket – provided those members are already registered into our webshop.

Perfect! But that’s too good to be true..can i see it to believe it?

Totally, see this ticket event package which is currently hosted on our main demo shop:

Note that the website domain is not similar, (hosted on Magento) and (hosted on WordPress). Now, see the same ticket package here: