Gain insight into your attraction’s performance with Power BI

Attractions produce data in large amounts, but often lack access to purpose-made reporting for attractions. By synchronizing data from Business Central to Power BI you can gain a deep insight into your business from clear, visual reports. This insight gives you the opportunity to make decisions that benefit the overall business. You visualize your data and get the necessary overview for decision-making processes.

You get plenty of possibilities and functionalities with NP Business Insight and Power BI. You get a Power BI report with charts and information regarding the distribution of tickets sold, visits, memberships etc. Additionally, the report is interactive meaning that it is possible to highlight a specific membership type or parameter to see, how it affects the remaining charts in the report.

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Purpose-built reporting for attractions

With NP Business Insight you get an overview of:

  • Total visits
  • Visits per day
  • Visits by ticket type
  • Visits by month, day and arrival time
  • Tickets told
  • Ticket revenue
  • Tickets sold by salesperson
  • Active memberships by month
  • Ticket sales vs. visits
  • Membership transactions
  • KPIs.

Get updated reporting for attractions

By integrating data from Business Central it is certain that the data combination and the overview in Power BI are based on the primary data of the attraction’s performance. Additionally, there is an ongoing synchronization from Business Central to Power BI, which makes sure, that dashboards and reports are up to date.

All this data in NP Business Insight will provide the attraction with ballast and security when making decisions that aim to transform and increase the productivity and bottom line.

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