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Retain your members with memberships on subscription

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Memberships on subscription allow your members to access your museum or attraction as often as they want, for as long as they want. At the same time, you are more likely to get recurring revenue when you maintain memberships and payments.

Memberships on subscription

Today, most attractions or cultural institutions offer some form of annual or membership card that visitors and members can purchase. It allows members to visit the attraction several times during a given, paid period. It is exactly these members and returning visitors that are an important part of the business. One way to retain your loyal members is by offering them a subscription to their membership. With memberships on subscription, you get greater security for recurring revenue as you maintain your memberships and payments.

If members choose to have their membership on subscription, both their membership and payment are renewed and deducted automatically. This means that they can visit your cultural institution or attraction without unnecessary hassle and waiting time. The subscription service, therefore, ensures that your members have access to your attraction with either a physical membership card or a digital membership card in their Wallet. Both types of membership cards are automatically renewed.

Flexible setup

With the subscription service, NP Member Subscription, members can automatically pay and renew their memberships. The service can be easily adapted to suit your specific setup. Do you have a membership card, annual card, or seasonal card? No matter what type of membership you operate with, the subscription service can be adapted to your business. The regularity of payment is determined by how often and when the memberships must be renewed.

Registration in the web store

New members have the opportunity to choose automatic renewal upon registration and payment of membership. Existing members can also sign up for member subscriptions via their personal profile on the web store. Like other subscription services, members can easily unsubscribe and cancel the automatic renewal and payment. In the end, the subscription service can create a more smooth experience for the members who choose to go with the subscription service in the web store.

We offer NP Member Subscription to our customers with NP Member Management Online on Magento 2.

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