RFID for inventory management boosts your business

The RFID technology provides optimal opportunities for speeding up your inventory management.

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      Streamline inventory counting with RFID readers

      By means of RFID readers, you can count your inventory in minutes, obtain an overview, and minimize errors


      RFID technology strengthens customer service

      Increased inventory insight makes it possible to make all items accessible to your customers on all channels


      Reduce inventory costs

      With accurate data, you can reduce dead stock as well as ensure that popular items are always on sale.

Automate inventory counting and status with RFID

Replace manual counting with automated, hand-free inventory management that provides a unique overview. By the means of inventory management with RFID, you can count your inventory up to 25 times faster. And with accurate inventory data, you can make decisions that improve earnings with optimal inventory levels.

Sell the very last item on stock

You can also use the precise inventory data to make all items accessible across locations and channels. This ensures that all items are sold and thus reduces dead stock.

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Best in class e-commerce with real-time inventory data

Accurate inventory data is the foundation for profitable sales across channels. With improved inventory precision you can make all items available for customers regardless of where they prefer to make their purchases.

Improved and fast order fulfillment with RFID inventory management

The cost of order fulfillment surges when orders are sent to the wrong locations or if reserved items are missing. NP WMS enables you to localize the items swiftly to reduce the number of canceled orders and improve customer satisfaction.

This is how RFID creates an overview

RFID (radio frequency identification is used to identify and register individual objects, such as items. The technology is controlled by radio waves communicating between a tag on the item and the RFID reader.

WMS with RFID can identify the location and the number of specific items within seconds. This enables you to count your inventory and your store very fast and to save many hours of manual work. Additionally, the integration with the inventory management module in Business Central ensures that your inventory level is automatically updated.

Man checks the product range on the shelves

Optimize the product range presented on your shelves

When the stores are crowded with customers, the sales staff find it difficult to ensure that shelves get refilled. This slows down sales. Automated messages make it easy for the staff to see exactly which items are missing where.

With NP WMS you can see what items are on the sales floor, get confirmation that shelves are getting refilled, and ensure that items in high demand are always available to the customers.

Make the right decisions about purchase orders

Redundant stock increase labor costs, unnecessary handling, and bottlenecks. With accurate inventory data, you can omit purchases of products that are not in demand anymore and thus increase your profit.

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