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Self-service ticket kiosks eliminate long lines at the attraction’s entrance

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Solutions that can help eliminate the long wait and create value for visitors right from their arrival are highly demanded by attractions. A ticket kiosk is an effective way to minimize wait time at the entrance.

Visitor buying ticket at self-service ticket kiosk

At many attractions, visitors are met by a number of staffed ticket counters. Here, they must find themselves standing in snake-shaped lines waiting for their turn to buy tickets. However, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient. It will affect the overall experience if they are to start their visit by standing in long lines at the entrance. Therefore, more and more attractions are demanding solutions that can help create a good experience for visitors from the beginning. Self-service ticket kiosks are an effective way to optimize ticket purchases at the entrance.

Ticket purchase at a self-service kiosk

At the ticket kiosk, your visitors can easily and quickly select the number of adult and children’s tickets on the touch screen. Once the number of tickets are selected, the visitors complete the payment using their preferred payment method – either by card or by mobile. When the transaction is completed, the ticket kiosk prints the tickets and the visitors are ready to have their tickets scanned at the entrance. See a demonstration of a ticket purchase at a self-service ticket kiosk below.

See a demonstration of a ticket purchase at a self-service ticket kiosk below.

With a self-service solution attractions not only offer an easy and fast expedition that suits the visitors. It also gives the opportunity to reallocate resources to other valuable tasks.

Fully integrated solution

In NP Entertainment the ticketing system in the self-service kiosk is the same as in the ticketing counters. The ticket kiosk is integrated with the ERP system, Dynamics 365 Business Central, with full access to the entire ticketing system including inventory and financial management. This means that you do not risk overselling if only a certain number of tickets are available – even if tickets are sold from both ticket counters, web store, and self-service ticket kiosks.

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