A Magento website makes e-commerce easier

The Magento platform is the worlds most popular e-commerce solution. One of the reasons for this is that it is continuously updated with add-ons that meet the demands of the dynamic online market.

Magento integration

With the Magento integration in Dynamics NAV, you avoid duplicated entries.

A wide range of add-ons

Magento is constantly developed and new profitable functions made available.

Secure hosting

We host your Magento website. The previous year we had an uptime of 99,9 %

Tailor-made for B2C and B2B

Profit greatly from a Magento website no matter if you sell on the B2B or on the B2C market.

Magento website – fast and versatile solution

The popularity of the e-commerce platform Magento also stems from the smooth and quick integration to the ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NaviPartner is Denmark’s largest Magento house. We have 11 Magento certified employees and continuously train and certify more. Doing this, we ensure that our work and all our e-commerce websites are of the highest quality so we can guarantee operational dependability, compatibility and speed.

Magento integration for Dynamics NAV

With a Magento integration with Dynamics NAV, orders and e-commerce are registered directly in the financial management system.

In the exact moment, a customer purchases a product on your Magento web store the order automatically transfers to Dynamics NAV. With this integration, you only have to work on one system and you avoid duplicated entries since you are not typing in data in different systems.

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Ready for growth

A Magento online store is 100% scalable and if your business experiences rapid growth it is not an issue at all. The flexibility of Magento makes the platform perfectly suited to handle e-commerce websites with both high and low volumes.

The flexibility ensures that you are prepared for future growth. The platform is developed to be able to contain up to 500.000 products on a site and handle more than 80.000 orders in an hour.

Save money on marketing with SEO features

It is vital to be visible when your potential customers search on Google. Magento takes that into account. You will rank higher in the search results with the Magento SEO features without exceeding your marketing budget.

Learn more about the functions included in our Magento integration.

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Offer your B2B customers a B2C experience

Customers expect that B2B e-commerce sites have the same functionalities and user-friendliness as a B2C site. Magento websites can accommodate that.

For instance, product reviews from Trustpilot or PriceRunner feed generators are an integral part of B2C sites. By implementing these functions for your B2B online store you prepare for user-generated content to influence B2B purchases .

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