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Ticketing solution for museums and attractions

NP Entertainment automates and streamlines sales processes, validation of tickets and memberships.

A 360-degree view

In this integrated solution, all data from ticket sales, store and café is collected in Dynamics NAV.

Effective event management

Get an updated view over your tickets. The number of tickets for sale match remaining tickets.

Handling of season tickets

Through a login to your online store, the customer can change and renew their membership online.

Flexible ticketing system

NP Entertainment is based on modules and can be designed to match your business.

NP Ecommerce is module based which allows you to put together the solution that exactly fits your business. Read about the modules here.

NP Retail

Field-proven POS solution for store and café

The core of NP Entertainment is the thoroughly tested PoS solution, NP Retail. The POS solution can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.

When selling gifts and souvenirs the data is transferred to Dynamics NAV. It is also NP Retail that, with the help of the modules in NP Entertainment, collects the data from the in-store ticket sales and from the online store.

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NP Ticketing

Avoid long queues and overcrowded rooms

NP Ticketing gives you a simple and effective way of issuing tickets directly from the PoS. The in-store transaction time for ticketing is reduced significantly as the payment terminal has an online integration.

For events with a limited amount of tickets – e.g. guided tours or highly demanded exhibitions – the ticketing system controls how many tickets are sold for the tour or for a specific time slot.

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NP Ticketing Online

Sell tickets online and save time

With NP Ticketing Online, your guests can purchase tickets at home or on the go.

You get a complete view of the number of tickets sold as the module manages ticket sales through an online store that synchronizes to the same database as the physical ticket sales.

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Watch one of NP Entertainment’s many features – facial recognition – in action.

NP Member Management

Increase visitor frequency and additional sale

With NP Member Management, it is easy to create memberships, season tickets and manage memberships.

New members receive a membership card with a barcode that is connected to his or her data in Dynamics NAV. Now the membership card is the member’s entry ticket.

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NP Member Management Online

Memberships and discounts online

With NP Member Management Online, customers can buy memberships in your online store.

All new members from both POS and online store get an e-mail with login information for the online store. With the login, they can e.g. get discounts or change or renew their membership online.

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NP Event Management

Easier handling of unique group events

NP Event Management helps you monitor and keep track of unique group events and reduce the work related to administration and coordination with both the customer and your employees.

Unique group events are created in Dynamics NAV and this data is the basis for e.g. invoicing, appointments in Outlook and internal work sheets.

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NP Entertainment App

Member cards and more on the smartphone

Make live a little easier for your club members with an app that contains their member card so they don’t have to manage yet another plastic card.

Besides basic features such as “My account”, information, program and news the app can also be extended with a treasure hunt enabled by geo-positioning.

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NP Access Control

Give your customers fast access

With a ticket scanner, you can swiftly validate paper tickets, membership cards, museum passes, and smartphone tickets, that have a barcode or QR-code and a validity that can be validated.

The scanner operates online for the system to instantly confirm if the ticket is valid.

Place the ticket scanner at the ticket counter or place it by the entry gates to operate without any supervision.

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