NP Entertainment App

Digital season passes for members

Basically, the NP Entertainment App works as a digital member card that can be used for access validation. It contains a member feature, where members can register their membership and see their data and benefits in ”My Account”. Additionally, the app as a standard also contains:

  • Frontpage banner: Promote exhibitions, events and special offers
  • Program/event/exhibitions: See program for the attraction
  • News: The latest news from the attraction
  • Info: Opening hours, location and other practical info.

The design of the app is optimised for attractions and reflects your visual identity with logo, colouring and typography.

Extend the app for more fun

To give your visitors an even better experience you can extend the app with features such as:

  • Geopositioning, so that visitors can receive notifications that provide extended info on guided tours
  • Treasure hunts enabled by geopositioning down to 2-3 meters.
  • Map of the exhibition area, so that visitors can always follow their position
  • Text in various languages as the app features several languages
  • Time your guest have to wait at the most popular amusements
  • Sound and video files.

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