NP Event Management:
Coordination and invoicing of events

Reduce the workload regarding group arrangements

If you are arranging group events, NP Event Management can help you monitor and keep track of the events and reduce the work related to administration and coordination as much as possible.
Create the group event as a post in NAV, and NAV automatically fills in the order confirmation in Word with data. Afterwards, NAV sends the order confirmation as a PDF file to the customer.

Booking of facilities and resources

When the event is confirmed, facilities, catering and various activities are booked automatically in Outlook and the kitchen or tour guides, for instance, will thereafter be notified about the event.

Simple invoice gathering

The posts in NAV constitute the basis of the sales reports gathered on the invoice. Spontaneous purchases can also be added to the invoice if the customer informs the name of the event when purchasing.

The scanning solution is also capable of gathering invoices from a café or kiosk.

The solution can be set up to send invoices to the customer as a PDF file.