NP Ticketing:
Flexible ticket solution

Tickets, access control and sales statistics

You create and amend the tickets in Dynamics NAV – e.g. standard ticket, family package or a guided tour. In NP Ticketing tickets can be set up with various options like various validities – e.g. for the same day as the ticket is issued or for the next week. Furthermore, you can setup for what and when the guest has access.

Effective access control at the ticket desk

Tickets are printed as a receipt and are easily validated at the ticket desk at the selling point or any other time.  Tickets can also be validated with a handheld device, this solution requires NP Access Control.

Let visitors book their ticket

NP Ticketing can be setup so that guests can book and buy tickets in advance. In that way, they are guaranteed entry at a specific time and can avoid long queues or even coming in vain.

Manage the flow of visitors

An additional advantage of our solution is that a number of visitors can be spread out more evenly during opening hours. This gives you a clear view of how many employees you need present from day to day.

Always updated ticketing solution

You do not risk selling tickets for time slots that are already sold out as the solution continuously synchronizes with Dynamics NAV. If tickets for a specific time slot are sold out it is no longer possible to book them.

Easy access to sales statistics

Dynamics NAV keeps track of the number of tickets sold and calculates the daily revenue. You can also get easy access to various statistics such as time analysis on different visitors groups.

Let guests book and buy tickets online

If you choose to expand the solution with NP Ticketing Online visitors can book and buy tickets on your website.