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NP Retail Point of Sale – Future-proof POS Solution

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Save time

When you sell a product, the sale is automatically booked and subtracted from the inventory.

Always updated inventory

Sold products are subtracted from your inventory as the POS is integrated with your ERP system.

Develop your business

We host and support your solution for you to focus on developing your business.

Increase efficiency with a complete solution

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV combines financial management, bookkeeping, management of orders and products, POS-solution, inventory control, reports and statistics in one complete solution.

You avoid entering the same data twice as all sales are automatically registered in the accounts. This provides you with the opportunity to focus on developing your business further.

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Get control of your inventory

Since the solution is cloud-based, you can always check your inventory level and order new goods whether you are in the office, at home or on the go. You can control your inventory through streamlined reorder processes and easily transfer goods from one location to another.

If a customer requests a product that is not in stock, you can quickly look up when it is in stock again or find related products for the customer.

Offer good customer service

You can use NP Retail on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The mobile POS gives you the opportunity make transactions anywhere in your store, thereby enabling you to look up inventory and related products without leaving the customer’s side.

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Our retail solution includes everything from software, hardware and hosting, to implementation, training, and support. From the very first day as a NaviPartner customer, our team of supporters is ready to help you.

Get access whenever, wherever

Your solution is in the cloud so you are always able to check the latest sales numbers or check the inventory level whether you are in the store, in your office, at home or in a foreign country.

You do not have to worry about server capacity, backup or maintenance as we host and support your solution. You only need an internet connection to get access to your data, statistics, and reports.

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Choose a future-proof solution

NP Retail is prepared for growth. If you at some point decide to include more stores or an online store to your solution, we can expand it easily.

Learn more about our e-commerce product, NP Ecommerce.

Furthermore, the POS solution supports more than 70 different payment terminals in 30 different countries and in 15 different languages. This makes it even easier to implement NP Retail in multiple countries if you plan to expand your business into new markets.

Always up-to-date software

Microsoft regularly adds and releases new valuable features for Dynamics NAV. In order to get the most value out of these new features, it is essential that our customers can always run the latest version of Dynamics NAV.

For that reason, we continually improve and update our software in order to ensure that our solution is perfectly compatible with the latest version of NAV no later than one month after a new feature has been released by Microsoft.

Get high-level security in the cloud

With a web-based solution hosted in the cloud on Microsoft’s cloud service platform Azure, you do not have to worry about server capacity, backup and maintenance; all this is automatically taken care of. Azure guarantees an uptime of 99,9%.

You can run NP Retail practically on any hardware – PC, tablet or smartphone – but we have tested and selected a range of POS hardware, that we recommend.

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