Hardware for Your Online POS

We offer our customers the best POS hardware on the market.

Wide Selection of Point of Sale Hardware

Our standard point of sale hardware is everything you need. If you need additional POS system hardware to cover more specific needs, we can accommodate that as well. Our POS hardware is of the highest quality whether you are looking for a touch PC, hand scanners or terminals.

POS Hardware Support

You get the most out of your online POS solution as possible due to our wide range of hardware. By purchasing your POS hardware from NaviPartner, you get support with troubleshooting, problem-solving via remote control and the option to loan replacement equipment.

Hardware for stationary POS

15″ POS Touch PC

Get your user-friendly touch screen that provides you with a clear overview over transactions.

Ingenico Payment Terminal

This terminal from Ingenico is perfect for stores, museums and attractions and is fully integrated to NP Retail and NP Entertainment. The terminal has a color screen and can handle contactless payment.

Symbol Wired Scanner

This handheld scanner is compatible with NP Retail and NP Entertainment. You can scan all bar codes with this scanner including 1D, 2D as well as electronic and printed tickets. The scanner can also handle loyalty cards.

Epson Receipt Printer

The receipt printer from Epson is integrated with the POS solution NP Retail and NP Entertainment. It can print up to 300 mm/sec with the option to print high-quality grey toned prints of logos and graphics on the receipt. The Epson receipt printer is also Energy Star qualified which means this product has efficient energy use and reduces the C02 emission.


Get a till for cash storage.

Blaster Barcode Printer

Cognitives Blaster bar code printer has several useful functions for brick-and-mortar stores, museums or attractions.

Hardware for mPOS

Ingenico, Mobile Point of Sale

Experience full mobility with an iSMP payment terminal that is easily integrated with Android, iOS or Windows smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The terminal is equipped with a 1D and 2D barcode reader that supports reading various different barcodes. The payment terminal accepts card payments with chip, magnet stripe, and contactless payments.

iPhone for mPOS

With use of an iPhone 5, 5s or SE your store can make payments with the Point-of-Sale system, NP Retail. Here it is possible to check the inventory levels and make payments without a scanner or a physical checkout counter.

Epson Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Do you make payments with a mobile payment terminal, but would like to print out receipts? If so, this Bluetooth Receipt Printer is the solution. The printer prints out the receipt of the payment, so the customer has the opportunity to return the item etc.

Additional POS Hardware

Microsoft Surface 4 Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 works both as a tablet and as laptop. The simple and smart design and the touch screen makes it a well-qualified screen for a POS solution. The weight is only 766 g., which makes it very convenient to bring on-the-go. The 12.3 inch PixelSense screen has a brilliant contrast with minimal reflection.

Zebra Printer for Front Signs

Print good quality labels for your jewelry with this easy to use printer from Zebra.

Symbol Wireless Scanner

This handheld and wireless scanner is compatible with NP Retail and NP Entertainment. You can scan all bar codes with this scanner including 1D, 2D, as well as electronic and printed tickets. The scanner can also handle loyalty cards.

Zebra Bluetooth Scanner

If you want to provide even better customer service by making mobile payments fast, you can benefit from this Bluetooth Scanner. The scanner is wireless and gives you the opportunity to quickly scan the item and barcode to your mPOS system.

Symbol Standalone Scanner

If you need a scanner that can print paper labels or bar codes on smartphones then this table scanner from Symbol is a perfect choice. It can scan all 1D and 2D bar codes, scan paper labels for smartphone coupons, loyalty cards on a smartphone, boarding pass and even theater tickets.

SpacePole Terminal Mounting

Make it easier and more convenient for customers to pay with the SpacePole mounting solution. The tilt function minimizes the need to move the terminal and the SpacePole can turn up to 210 degrees. The design stabilizes the terminal and is convenient for your customers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop

Purchase this laptop from Lenovo if you need a solid computer to bring on the go. It is particularly popular for business use because of the long battery time and high level of security.

Stock Taking Scanner

This scanner is particularly well-suited for generating the balance sheet.

All You Need for Your Online POS

We can deliver POS hardware for your store, ticket and online store solutions. No matter if you need to scan barcodes, tickets, member cards on smartphones or printed tickets, we have the POS hardware capable of doing the job. We also rent out stocktaking scanners.

Online POS for Mobile Devices

The POS system, NP Retail, works on PC, tablet and smartphone so if you wish to have tablets in-store or use mobile POS (mPOS) then NP Retail is the solution for you who wants an online POS system also working for mobile devices.

Learn more about our POS solution, NP Retail.