This is how you successfully upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2017

October 24, 2016
Keyboard where the Enter button is dark blue and 2017 is on it

Now is the chance for business owners with a Dynamics NAV older than version 2016 to upgrade and start using the great new features that come with Dynamics NAV 2017. Learn how NaviPartner ensures a smooth upgrade to the newest version of Dynamics NAV.

Keyboard where the Enter button is dark blue and 2017 is on it

In a recent blog post, we described some of the exciting features of Dynamics NAV 2017. Unless business owners with a Dynamics NAV solution already have the 2016 version their Dynamics NAV database needs to be upgraded to the 2017 version if they want to benefit from the new features. In this blog post, you can learn how we at NaviPartner secure the best upgrade process possible.

Future upgrades happen automatically

A big advantage that follows with this year’s upgrade is that all future upgrades of Dynamics NAV will happen automatically. This means business owners only need to do the upgrade this one time and hereafter they will never experience having an outdated version again and will not have to start from scratch each time they upgrade.

Business solutions in Dynamics NAV 2016 will automatically be upgraded on Monday, January 2, 2017.

Upgrade via test database

When NaviPartner performs an upgrade, we move the data from the current solution into a test database, so we can perform tests without affecting the businesses’ daily operations. The current database will be left completely untouched, and the business owner does not need to worry about the loss of data or rollback. The new solution will be thoroughly tested in the test database before it goes live and replaces the old database. This set-up allows a 1:1 test and comparison with the current functionality, so we can estimate the need for any adjustments on a very specific and concrete basis.

Prototype instead of requirements specification

The actual upgrade process is quite painless. We use a Dynamics NAV prototype instead of a requirements specification to ensure a short implementation time and avoid wasting time on unnecessary details or misinterpretations of a requirement specification.

We also use the conversion tool NP Convert, which automatically upgrades data and configurations without a costly consultancy fee that might otherwise be part of a manual conversion.

This is how we solve the upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2017

The specific details and framework for the future solution are defined in a series of workshops. The precise process and scope of the project depend on the current version of the database and whether it is Native or SQL. If the database is older than version 5, this needs to be taken into account. Customizations to standard NAV and NP Retail also affect the project.

Below is an overview of the necessary milestones in the process.

  1. Infrastructure and setup
    1. Dynamics NAV database and structure today
    2. Users and accesses
    3. Licenses
    4. Hardware
    5. Integrations to/from Dynamics NAV, if any
    6. Current adjustments
    7. Need for instructions and in which processes.
  1. Demo and fit/gap
    1. NP Retail and POS functionality/settings
    2. Reports and labels
    3. Master data and product groups
    4. Put-away and purchase orders.
    5. If NaviPartner modules such as NP Ticketing and NP Ecommerce are used we will include a demo of these in 2017 version to ensure a matching of expectations
  1. We offer the following lessons depending on the needs:
    1. Basic use of ledgers, bank files, bank statements, etc.
    2. Reporting requirements (internal/external)
    3. Inventory counting/adjustments
    4. Purchase orders and put-away.

Learn more about the new features in Dynamics NAV 2017

  • In this post, you can read about the particular NAV 2017 features that NaviPartner CEO, Mark Stewart Pedersen, thinks are the most interesting. Read the post here.
  • Here you can read what Microsoft writes about Dynamics NAV 2017. Read more here.

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