How to do a cash check out in NP Retail

(Click on the photos to view them in full screen mode)

To do a cash check out in our NP Retail, you are to click on ‘New Sale’, which is accessible from our opening page in our trial account.

After that you are to log on as a sale’s person. We have created some sale’s persons – click a name to open the check out window.

In the check out window we have posted some fixed items as examples. In the following example we choose an ‘Adult ticket’ and a ‘Child ticket’. It will be equally possible to find other items by doing a search in the systems directory.

If you click on ‘Go To Payment’ you will go to the next window: payment information, where you can see what the total amount will be for the items chosen in your previous steps. The customer chooses to pay cash and thus you press the button ‘Cash’.

The full amount will always be suggested as the amount received. If you receive ‘100,-‘ you will put down the amount there. You then press ‘ok’ and transaction has been completed.