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The future of membership cards is in the smartphone wallet

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Get rid of plastic cards by utilizing a digital membership solution. Exploit the capabilities of a smartphone wallet for storing membership cards, tickets and coupons. The solution will benefit visitors and attractions alike.

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Move on from plastic cards

We are all familiar with the standard plastic membership card. Usually the card features a membership number, name and perhaps an image of the member. A standard solution without any additional benefits. Why risk forgetting or losing the plastic card, when you can store it in your digital smartphone wallet?

With the introduction of mobile wallets, your attraction is able to transition from plastic to digital. By going digital, you unlock new ways of engagements with your members. The membership card is stored in the mobile wallet alongside other credit or annual cards. It is a simple and elegant way for your visitors to access their membership card or ticket when needed.

Offer more than just a membership card

A digital membership solution opens up new ways of interacting with your members. Once the member card is added to the wallet, it will become location aware. This means, that when the member is nearby, the membership card or coupons will show as notifications on their home screen.

Offers, events, loyalty awards etc. will be available to the visitor at all times. In this way, you are able to reward your visitors and give them incentives to engage with your attraction more often.

Want to see how it works in practice? Take a look at our video of the Digital Membership solution.

Have look at some of the advantages of the solution

  • Store membership cards, tickets, and coupons directly in your visitor’s mobile wallet
  • Send notifications to your members, whenever they are close to the attraction
  • Interact with your members by offering loyalty awards, coupons or free event tickets
  • Avoid lost or missing plastic membership cards and sending tickets through email
  • Increase spontaneous visits as your members carry their membership cards at all times
  • Create a good visitor experience and get more revisits with awards and active coupons
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Do you want to learn more?

Do you want to learn how you can benefit from a digital membership solution? Contact us today to get a non-committal meeting with one of our consultants. We might be helpful in transforming your business.