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This is how to handle expenses the easy way

By 23. October 2017July 9th, 2021No Comments

It is never easy to keep tabs on expenses when you go on business travels, and it is usually a challenge for the bookkeeper to get their hands on the receipts afterwards. We have a smart solution to that problem, and the best part is, that it integrates with Dynamics NAV.

Mobile screen that displays the menu in Expense Management

We are finally able to offer the solution we have all been waiting for – a smart intuitive tool that can handle employee expenses directly in Dynamics NAV. With Continia’s new Expense Management tool, all registrations will be collected directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide a complete overview of all expenses in real-time.

Great usability across devices

It will not only be easier for the bookkeeping, Contina’s Expense Management tool also makes the registration itself easy to accomplish. As soon as you have had an expense, you take a picture of the receipt with your mobile phone and enter the title, amount and date directly in the application. This information, along with the picture attached as documentation, is sent directly to the company’s Dynamics NAV, where the bookkeeping takes over.

You also have easy access to a full overview of registered expenses, so you can check to see if the expenses have been approved by the bookkeeping or not. This can be done either from the mobile app or via the web browser.

If you want to see how easy the system is to use, have a look at the video below. The video demonstrates how to register in the app, how it looks for the bookkeeping, when the data is collected in Dynamics NAV, and it introduces additional smart features such as credit card management, notifications and reminders.

Expense Management

Click on the picture above and watch a video of Expense Management

Direct integration equals great benefits for bookkeeping

The days of manually typing information into the system from old scrunched up receipts are finally over.  And so are the days of hunting down colleagues after they have returned from business travels to get hold of their documentation. This new solution integrates with Dynamics NAV, so the receipts are automatically posted right after the employee has registered the receipt in the app.

Travel expenses are registered as any other item in Dynamics NAV with the advantage that you can access an actual picture of the receipt on the right side of the screen along with all the expenses lines on the left side. This breakdown makes it easy for the bookkeeper to sort and place the different types of expenses. The solution also automatically deducts VAT – no matter how small the amount is, so there are no manual entries to be made in connection with the VAT accounting.

The system can also report and reimburse mileage

For those who use their private car for business, this is also easy to register in the same app.

The app can autocomplete addresses through a global address book in Google Maps, and it can automatically calculate mileage. After a completed trip, the app creates a picture of the route and sends the information directly to Dynamics NAV.

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