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Three self-checkout solutions that create value for customers

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There is a tough competition in the retail market. As a retailer, it can be difficult to differentiate the customer experience from competitors. With a self-service solution, storeowners can optimize the in-store experience and meet customer needs. We look at three options within self-checkout solutions.

Selvbetjeningsløsninger, der giver værdi

The possibilities of self-checkout solutions

Traditionally, retail counters are equipped with a POS system, where sales assistants scan items and receive payments from the customers. This can in some cases result in longer waiting times due to queues and longer expeditions. In recent years, retailers have become aware of self-checkout solutions that will eliminate the long queues and create value for customers and their everyday lives on the go. The in-store experience must, therefore, lean on the one-click experience that customers can get online. Today, digital self-checkout solutions are most common in supermarkets. However, customers begin to expect the same service in other industries.

Consumers have become more impatient and do not want to wait in line. With self-checkout solutions, retailers not only offer an easy and fast expedition that delivers satisfied and returning customers. It also allows them to redeploy resources to other valuable tasks such as follow-up on orders or general customer service in the store.

But what are the opportunities within self-checkout solutions? We give you three examples.

#1 Touchscreen solution

Watch a video of McDonald’s self-checkout screens.

One of the self-service solutions on the market today is the touchscreen solution. We have seen it at McDonald’s, where you can enter your order and make your payment without having to stand in line at the counter. The solution allows customers to scroll through products and place orders without interacting with staff. The expedition, therefore, takes place at customers’ own pace, where the setup of items and prices are user-friendly. As an example from the retail world, the solution can be utilized whenever customers want to try a certain size shoe in a shoe store. On a touch screen, the customer can choose a shoe and a shoe size, after which an inventory employee will find the shoebox to the customer. In this way, the customer does not have to look for an employee who then has to look for the shoes in the back. This creates a more smooth and good experience for the customers in the store.

#2 Scanning stations

The self-checkout solution with scanning stations has also become increasingly widespread. The scanning stations allow customers to scan their own items and make payments. We see them at major international retail chains such as Target that have tested the digital checkout solution since 2013. The scanning stations are now installed in 1,500 of the chain’s 1,800 stores. They also have plans to implement the solution in all their stores by the end of 2019.

By letting customers scan their own items at a station, retailers not only save employee resources. They also make sure that the customers get a more private expedition, which is often without queue and waiting time.

#3 Mobile scan-and-go

Watch a video of Walmart’s Scan & Go solution.

In recent years, the mobile scan-and-go solution has become a popular self-checkout choice. This solution allows customers to walk around the store while scanning the items they want to buy with their mobile phones. Customers often have to download an app, but after that, the process is simple and straightforward.

Internationally we see Walmart with their mobile scan-and-go solution in 120 of their stores. Here, the customers can scan the items themselves with their mobile phone, placing the items directly into the shopping bag and paying with the phone, without having to queue at the counter.

The self-checkout solution allows customers to get an overview of their basket while adding products in the store. At the same time, the buying experience can be done at your own pace, without having to take staff or other customers into account.

Stefan Stefansen

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