Ticketing system for museums and attractions

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Automate sales processes, ticket validation, and member management with NP Entertainment.

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    A 360-degree view

    In this integrated ticketing system, all data from ticket sales, store, and café is collected in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


    Effective event management

    Get an updated view over your tickets. The number of tickets for sale match remaining tickets.


    Handling of season tickets

    Through a login to your online store, the customer can change and renew their membership.


    Flexible ticketing system

    NP Entertainment is module based, allowing you to put together exactly the solution that fits your business.

Your ticketing system is in safe hands

Secure the quality of your data with a solution that meets the high requirements of Microsoft, Infocert and IAASB.

Our customers have sold more than 16 million tickets and 520,000 memberships.

Build exactly the solution that fits your attraction

Visitors to the Moesgaard Museum will be served at the entrance

Ticketing at the entrance and online

Let your visitors purchase entry tickets online, at the entrance counter, or at a self-service ticket kiosk.

Efficient member management

Automate processes related to managing memberships and physical or digital member cards.

The inside of a souvenir shop with five customers

Integrated POS for shop & café

Get an overview of the attraction by integrating sales from the shop and café with ticket sales.

A lot of people running in the same direction outside by a lot of trees

Easily create and manage events

Keep track of events and reduce coordination efforts with the Event Management module.

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