Easy advance sale and control over remaining tickets

NP Booking and NP Booking Online

NP Booking

Sell tickets for time slots

With NP Booking you do not risk selling tickets for time slots that are already sold out as the solution continuously synchronizes with NAV. The customer claims the tickets at the ticket register.

If you choose to expand further to NP Booking Online, the visitors can either print their tickets at home or have them on their smartphones.

Manage the flow of visitors

An additional advantage of our solution is that the amount of visitors can be spread out more evenly during opening hours. This gives you a clear view of how many employees you need present from day to day.

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NP Booking Online

Save time and energy on ticket collection

With NP Booking Online the customers receive the tickets automatically as an image file by e-mail shortly after their purchase. This saves you both time and energy since you will not have to issue tickets at the ticket counter.

The customers just have to bring their tickets – either printed or on their smartphone – and the tickets are only to be checked at the entrance. This is a clear advantage and very convenient for the customers as they just need to turn up at the exhibition at the time they have booked access for. There is no risk of selling tickets for sold-out time slots since the solution constantly synchronizes with NAV.