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The top 4 challenges in mPOS projects

By 6. February 2018January 4th, 2021No Comments

Despite the rising interest in mobile point of sale solutions, retailers are faced with major challenges that stand in the way of getting the most of the solution. We highlight the 4 biggest challenges and how to overcome them.

The biggest challenges in mPOS projects

The retail industry is evolving constantly. The brick-and-mortar stores’ competition with e-commerce is intensifying, and the consumers have the power to choose where to shop and have their needs met. For 2018, we envision a prioritization of building a customer experience to differentiate brick-and-mortar stores from shopping online.

Today many sales are lost as the customer service is not adapted to the modern consumer. In the brick-and-mortar stores, the consumers experience long lines, items that are not available in store, and insufficient customer service.

A way for sales assistants to meet the consumers’ need for personal assistance is with help from a mobile POS. However, many retailers who see the potential in an mPOS, experience that the solution does not automatically turn into increased sales due to different challenges. We highlight the 4 biggest challenges that IHL has identified in one of their researches.

#1. Having proper applications in place

By far the biggest challenge when deploying mobile POS is related to the application. As many as 75 % of the recipients see issues in the application they have in mind. The mobile POS is not an effective tool when previous order history or inventory visibility is not accessible. Additionally, it is perceived as an issue when the solutions are not synchronized or if items cannot be scanned or go into the application.

#2. Lack of staff to manage

Another major challenge in mobile POS implementations is regarding the right kind of personnel to set up and manage both hardware and software. Very often, it is the case that retailers do not have the proper resources to manage new technology and make sure, that everything is ready to be utilized.

#3. Missing support

In line with the abovementioned challenge, many retailers find it problematic not to have the right support system. In situations where the mobile POS stops working properly, the brick-and-mortar stores cannot receive the needed assistance to get up and running again.

#4. Too few payment options

A great customer experience also involves a smooth payment. As many as 47 % think it is problematic to miss payment options that are sought-after by their customers.

How to overcome the challenges

What is necessary to make an mPOS solution valuable for the business is having the proper application in place. A proper application, in this case, is a solution that integrates with other POS and warehousing solutions. Additionally, it is important to choose a supplier, who is willing to educate the staff in the usage of the hardware and be of help in the startup phase. Lastly, the mPOS solutions need to be able to accept the most used payment methods in order to facilitate an easy and fast customer service.

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