Transform your business data into business insight

August 11, 2016
Five icons of a cloud, electric bulb, mobile, box and network

In this post, we provide you with 5 simple methods that create valuable insight making you and your coworkers better prepared, more mobile and more productive.

Five icons of a cloud, electric bulb, mobile, box and network

#1 Use data insights to make clever decisions

Valuable insights give you a competitive advantage. Provide your employees with real-time information giving them the best conditions to make quick, clever and durable decisions for your company.

#2 Transform your big data to your next big innovation

Turn years of reports and detailed statistics, such as sales performance, into valuable and easy-to-analyse insight. Use the data to spot trends and create accurate projections about inventory levels, staffing requirements or trends that can shape future products.

According to Microsoft, the most common drivers behind data analysis are predicting customer behaviour as well as creating projections for future products and services.

#3 Get access to your data on the go

We are living in a connected world where work also happens outside of the office. Today, productivity is about creating, sharing and being able to collaborate no matter where you are located. Get mobile with access to your business data and all your applications wherever you are.

#4 Exploit the advantages of integrations

When you have one complete system with calendar, mail and ERP solution all integrated you only have to work in one system. Transfer data seamlessly across applications and deliver a customer experience that differentiates you from competitors.

#5 Utilise the benefits of cloud solutions

Use the strengths in cloud computing to choose where you get your information from and who in the organisation you want to access it. The majority of companies who have transferred to the cloud experiences cost savings in relation to maintenance and operational costs.

Tools suited for nearly every business

The business intelligence, the analytics and reporting tools included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are not only for the major corporations with the highest market share. They are for you, no matter what business you are running. And even more importantly, they are for your employees. Connect your employees with each other and provide them with the necessary data. In that way, they will be productive since they can work wherever they want. In the office, at home or on the go.

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