Welcome to this video about B2B web stores and B2B prices in NP Retail. The scenario I want to show is a reconciliation of Business Central’s price logics, rights, etc. up against a web store, meaning that the agreements conducted regarding goods and discounts, will be reflected in the web store.

I have a web store here. At the moment, it is a classic B2C web store with regular indicative retail prices. In Business Central under ‘Item & Prices’ I can create a special price for the customer. I sign in as the customer, and then I see the price is now €1300 but only for the specific customer.

That was a brief review of the price logics, which are not necessarily only for B2B. You can also use it in a B2C scenario, where one gives specific discounts to specific types of customers. It does not have to be on credit, it may also be that when I check out, I have received these prices, and I have to pay by credit card.

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