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Web Consultant

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Retail-konsulent diskuterer med to kollegaer

Web Consultant

Belgrade, Serbia

Are you interested in joining the forerunners in omnichannel technology? Are you passionate about e-commerce, ERP, retail, and entertainment solutions? And do you want to see and help companies advance their omnichannel performance? Webology and NaviPartner are expanding rapidly, nationally as well as internationally.
We are in search of a dedicated and experienced web consultant like you. We offer the products, customers, and all the training and support needed to bring you from great to amazing!

Your application

Send your application as soon as possible.

You want this job because

  •   You want a steep learning curve. Working with several companies, market leading experts and one of worlds most advanced omnichannel solutions will boost your e-commerce skills to new heights.
  •   You want an informal work environment where your personal interests and skills can play a part in developing and shaping NaviPartner and Webology.
  •   You want a challenging and varied job, where people trust you and will help you learn.
  •   You want colleges with a young, eager and entrepreneurial mindset.

Your area of responsibility will revolve around

The webshop (Magento) – Most of your time
Implementing and optimizing webshops. You will mainly be working in one of our five project teams with a project manager and a few other consultants. Most of your work will be directly related to the webshop e.g. relaying change requests from the customer to the frontend developers or configuring the modules.

The ERP system (BC365) – Some of your time
All product info and a lot more is managed in the ERP system (BC365) which is fully integrated. Therefore, a fair part of your work will also take place here. We have developed a handful of modules, that you will be taught how to configure and educate the customers in.

The integration (XML/API) – Occasionally
The integration between the two systems is a key part and you will have some work related to that from time to time.

Who are NaviPartner and Webology?

Webology is a young Serbian IT company based in Belgrade focused on developing amazing e-commerce solutions. Our clients are from all around the world, but the most of them are from Denmark, because our partner is NaviPartner Kobenhavn based in Copenhagen.

We are more than 90 employees that are globally spread across 7 countries with main office in Denmark, Mauritius and Serbia, who perform, discuss, laugh and win together every day! We have a close corporation and together we provide and host an omnichannel solution built around Microsoft Dynamics Navision/BC365.
You can learn more and see some of our clients at our webshop:

Webology and NaviPartner provide their employees a professional work environment, top motivated and friendly colleagues. We have Hikers, Runners, Video Game heroes, Board Game lovers, Musicians, Family, Single, Happy and every other variety of people.

Your normal “Tuesday” will look like this:

You sit with your laptop and a warm cup of coffee, trying to solve a synchronization issue from yesterday where updating a product price in BC365 is not shown on the integrated webshop. On MS Teams you are chatting with Anca, who have tried this before and can guide you.
At 11:00 you use one hour in an online meeting teaching the digital manager of Denmark’s National Museum how to navigate, create blocks and CMS pages in Magento 2. You have seen Anca do similar sessions, so you are confident doing it yourself now. You enjoy lunch together with rest of the local team across departments and laugh about something that happened at the last summer party.

You have called for a meeting with me after lunch. We discuss your idea of making Mailchimp part of our standard solution, a few customers have asked you for that module, this is a great idea!

After sending an instruction to Tivoli Friheden, advising them on which type of SSL certificate to buy, you prepare for your educational session tomorrow and head home early. Tomorrow is going to be an intensive day; you are your team is helping Wow-Park launch their new webshop!

This is who we are looking for:

You have (Experience):

  •  Worked a few years as a web consultant, frontend- or backend developer in a bureau. It could also be as a UI/UX-designer or a project manager with technical knowledge.
  •  Experience from the Retail Industry counts as a plus (whatever position).

You can (Professional skills):

  •  Write and speak English fluently.
  •  Configure an e-commerce platform / plugin. You will be working with Magento 2, but experience with other platforms can also be relevant.
  •  Understand XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or similar, you will not have developmental tasks, but it helps in the discussion with developers, to have knowledge of development terminology and methodology.
  •   Skills in SEM/SEO, Cloudflare, Mailchimp, Google’s products such as GTM or similar counts as a plus.

You are (Personal skills):

  •  Creative problem crusher who, with a positive attitude, can dig deep into customers’ pains and present options for growth based on knowledge of options and limitations within ecommerce.
  •  Service minded and not afraid of direct sparring with customers and colleagues at all organizational levels.

If you have questions about the position as a Web Consultant, they can be directed to Niels Monsen on
We look forward to hearing from you!