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Web store based on Magento integrated with Dynamics NAV

With NP Ecommerce you get a web store based on Magento, the market’s best e-commerce open-source platform, combined with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the leading ERP system.

Fully integrated

Dynamics NAV and Magento are synchronised, therefore you only have to write your data one place.


Microsoft has awarded us as one of the 5% best Dynamics NAV partners in the world.

Reliable hosting

Our setup ensures that your online store is always live. Last year we had an average uptime of 99,9%.

Extra features

We have made the best Magento features compatible with Dynamics NAV and added extra features.

Sell more with responsive design

With responsive design, you get an online shopping site that adapts to all screen sizes. In this way, your clients get a good user experience no matter what screen size their device has.

Your new online store has a huge number of standard features – including responsive design. NP Ecommerce includes a large base unit of codes to which we continuously add new functions.

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Our new solution is way better than the old one. When we change something here at the desk, it only takes 5 to 10 seconds to register in the online store.


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Avoid duplicated work

NaviPartner’s e-commerce shop module is the backbone that ensures real-time integration between the ERP system, the store and the online shop. This means that your stock is always up to date, which effectively protects you from selling products on your ecommerce website that are out of stock.

Also, since Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages both bookkeeping, store, online store, and stock management, you only have to type things in once, whereby you avoid duplicated work and errors while saving time and energy.

Sell from an effective B2B web store

If you sell to other companies, you often have to make use of a set of tools not normally present in an ordinary web store.

The B2B-module amongst other things gives you the possibility of giving discounts and special prices to specific customers and groups while giving customers the possibility of seeing order status and finding invoices and credit memos themselves.

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We save a lot of time and resources with NP Ecommerce B2B. Our customers can always find updated prices on the online store, and in ’My Account’ they update company data and download invoice PDFs.


Boost your online presence and increase sales

Expand with add-ons that increase your sales. E.g. functions that facilitate additional sales, upselling and cross-selling or functions that ensure exposure and control over which content is shown.

You can also expand the carriage functions included in the standard by adding functions that optimize the core of your online store even more.

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Do business with a dedicated Magento house

Magento is the world’s most used platform for web stores. Magento is an open source platform which means that the code is available to everyone. As a result of this open source element, the system comes with an extensive list of add-ons regardless of your online shop is for the B2C or B2B market.

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