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What is new in Business Central release wave 1 in 2021?

By 5. April 2021June 29th, 2021No Comments

Microsoft continuously releases new features in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The semi-annual release (Wave 1 or BC18) from April 2021 includes a number of improvements in the user experience as well as brand new features that make workflows smarter and more cost-effective.

Business Central Wave 1 2021

Business Central’s new features

Since the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has further developed the features to ensure that both the user experience and the value of the system are improved. The features are introduced in release waves two times a year to ensure that the features are continuously available in the solution.

Similar to the latest Business Central 2020 release wave, many of the new features are developed on the basis of user and partner feedback. Therefore, Microsoft invests in the customer experience and chooses to meet many of the expectations and requirements of the users. We take a look at some of the most prominent news in Business Central:

Lookup contacts in Teams

The Business Central and Microsoft Teams integration allows users to view contact information and historical data in Teams from Business Central. From here you can write and make calls without having to access Business Central.

Merge of data in Word

The mail merge functionality in Word can now pull data from Business Central. In this way, you can more easily personalize a document with e.g. first name and company name – even if it has to be sent to several people at once.

Editable pricelist overviews

As many companies price their products in different ways in Business Central, Microsoft wanted to make the editability of the pricelist more flexible. Therefore, many companies can now edit their pricelist much easier.

Run tasks in the background

To maintain a good user experience, most features of Business Central are turned on automatically. However, it does affect performance. To ease the load, it has now become easier to use job queue entries to move tasks to run in the background.

Easy contact insight access

The contact overview in Business Central has been optimized and made more user-friendly. Additionally, it collects contact information from both Outlook and Teams, which means the user has all its contacts gathered in one place.

Optimizing variant coding

Do you have many items that are almost identical but that vary in size and color? Instead of creating each variant as a separate item, you can settle for one item in different color variants with a defined production bill of materials (BOMs).

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