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What is new in Business Central release wave 2 in 2020?

By 8. October 2020December 22nd, 2020No Comments

Microsoft continuously releases new features in Dynamics 365 Business Central. In the semi-annual release (Wave 2 or BC17) in October 2020, we see a number of features that will both make the workflows more efficient as well as improve the overall user experience.

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Business Central’s new features

Since the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has further developed the features to ensure that both the user experience and the value of the system are improved. New features are not introduced through upgrades as with previous Dynamics NAV versions. The features are now introduced in release waves that ensures that the features are continuously available in the solution.

Similar to the latest Business Central 2019 release wave, many of the new features are developed on the basis of user and partner feedback. Therefore, Microsoft invests in the customer experience and chooses to meet many of the expectations and requirements of the users. We take a look at some of the most prominent news in Business Central:

Microsoft Teams integration

Business Central can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. The integration allows you to open links from Business Central directly in Microsoft Teams chats. From the chat window, you can change the fields or initiate workflows without having to leave the application.

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Updated page styling

The pages in Business Central have undergone some minor design changes to enhance the user experience. Among other things, pop-ups appear in the center of the screen, font sizes have been adjusted, and views are made more consistent across the system.

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VAT group reporting

Dynamics 365 Business Central now makes it easier and more secure to report VAT as the solution now supports VAT group reporting. This feature makes it faster for companies to file VAT returns across groups.

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Check financial journals

Business Central can now validate financial journals and highlight errors. These validations can help prevent accounting issues before they occur. It helps financial employees streamline their work.

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Choosing role center

Depending on your role, the role center gives you an overview of the company and your personal tasks. In previous versions it was difficult to choose the right role center. With this release, Microsoft has made the list of available roles clearer to users.

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Responsive factbox pages

In previous versions of Business Central, factbox pages have been slow in loading information. In this version, Microsoft has optimized the technology so that you can view and interact with factboxes and page content faster.

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Track package information

The new track packages feature makes it possible to gain access to delivery information in several types of sales documents. This feature makes it easier for you to provide better customer service and have an overview of your deliveries.

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Improved terminology

Accurate naming of features is an essential part of the user experience. In this version, Microsoft has changed some terms so that they describe the functionality better. This makes it easier for users to navigate in the system.

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