What is new in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

May 30, 2019
Business Central on laptop

Microsoft has recently released the latest features in Dynamics 365 Business Central. From the April 2019 update, we see a number of improvements in the user experience as well as brand new features that make workflows smarter and more cost effective.

Business Central on laptop

Business Central’s new features

Since the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has further developed the features to ensure that both the user experience and the value of the system are improved. New and upcoming features are not introduced through upgrades, as we knew it from the Dynamics NAV versions. The new features are live whenever Microsoft updates the solution. Many of the improvements introduced in the latest version are based on user and partner feedback. The customer experience is therefore paramount when new functions are implemented or optimized. We take a look at some of the most prominent news in Business Central:

Cloud intelligence

Be able to predict your cash flow or the number of returning customers. The connection between data and Machine Learning makes it possible to analyze the context and forecasting of your business.

Power BI integration

Gain insight into your overall business processes and day-to-day activities with Power BI’s interactive visualizations. The integration sets up data in clear tables on your different views in Business Central.

Designed role centers

Customize role centers to ensure your users get the most optimal experience. The role centers cover all levels and departments. The individual user also has the opportunity to customize their own personal setup.

Web client

Unlike previous Dynamics NAV versions, Business Central does not run as a Windows client version. Here, you access the solution from the browser and via an URL. This increases flexibility and allows access from both iOS and Android.

Contextual search experience

Microsoft has optimized the search experience in Business Central. It has become a more intelligent machine that displays results that contain the word you are looking for.

Increased maximum text length

After many years, Microsoft has now extended the text length of description fields from 50 to 100 characters. This includes fields from item descriptions to sales line descriptions.

New keyboard shortcuts

Business Central has expanded its keyboard shortcuts to now include “add new item”, “show/hide fact box” and “slim/wide page mode” as well as other useful shortcuts.

Skip address fields

Address fields are typically filled in automatically in Business Central. Therefore, users often need to quickly skip these fields, which is now possible.

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